SumacLife Waterproof Pouch keeps your iPad Air 2 dry

SumacLife Waterproof Pouch iPad Air 2

If you are a fan of watersports, but also a fan of keeping your iPad Air 2 from being destroyed while you Jet Ski across the lake, chances are you compromise and leave your tablet at home. But, you can have it all.

With SumacLife’s Waterproof Pouch, your iPad Air will stay dry and free from dust. Plus, it is designed to keep your device afloat. So, if you drop it in the lake on accident, it won’t be swimming with the fishes before you can go back for it.

The pouch is made from waterproof materials and is designed with a clear window on both the front and backside so the camera is free from obstructions. It has a double-seal closure at the top to ensure no water gets inside.

It comes with a removable lanyard, so you can wear it around your neck or over your shoulder while keeping your hands free for other things, like waterskiing or driving the boat.

This waterproof case is not intended to take with you deep sea diving. It is specially designed to float when dropped in the water. So, if your iPad Air 2 accidentally slips into the sea, you’ll be able to get it right from the surface, instead of having to grab the scuba gear to go looking for it.

The pouch actually measures approximately 11.6 x 9.5, so it can be used with any size iPad model (except the upcoming iPad Pro), as well as a number of non-Apple tablets.

SumacLife’s Waterproof Pouch is available on Amazon for $10, plus shipping.