Zagg Folio backlit keyboard case will turn your iPad Air 2 into a laptop

Zagg folio backlit keyboard iPad Air 2

Apple may have finally designed a keyboard case, but it currently only fits the iPad Pro. Don’t worry. There are plenty of stylish keyboard cases that will make your iPad Air 2 work for you.

Zagg’s Folio case has a backlit keyboard and a durable cover to secure your device. Thanks to its hinge design, you can position our iPad Air 2 in a variety of viewing positions.

The keyboard is ultra thin to keep from adding bulk to your lightweight tablet. It has a leather textured overlay so it looks good while protecting your case from scratches and low drops.

The iPad Air 2 snaps into the shell case so you can display it in landscape mode while you type. The hinge in the middle works similar to a laptop hinge, so you can reposition your device through 135-degree angles for optimum viewing, no matter where you are.

The keyboard is designed with an island style layout for a more natural typing experience. Keys feature the click and spring reaction that we are so familiar with from traditional keyboards. There are dedicated function keys so you can perform familiar actions on your iPad Air 2.

The keys are backlit, which you can turn on whenever you need them. They are not always on in order to preserve battery life.

Speaking of batteries; Zagg claims the case can run up to three months of regular use before needing a charge.

Zagg’s Folio case with backlit keyboard is available in black, blue, white, crimson, orchid, and sage. It is available on Amazon for between $70 and $100, depending on your color choice.