iOS 7.1

Two new iPad models discovered in iOS 7.1

After months of betas and rumors, Apple released iOS 7.1 to the public today. The update features a number of improvements, and apparently it also includes support for two new, unannounced tablet models: the iPad4,3 and the iPad 4,6.

Before you get too excited though, the consensus is that these new models likely represent minor hardware revisions for existing iPads, rather than all-new products. It seems the model numbers aren't very far off from current iPad models...

Jailbreakers should stay away from iOS 7.1

We've mentioned it several times before, but looking at the amount of emails we've received about this matter, it is worth reiterating that anyone with a jailbroken device should stay away from the newly released iOS 7.1. If you update to iOS 7.1, you will lose your jailbreak. At this time, there is no indication that evasi0n7 will be updated for iOS 7.1, quite the opposite.

Obviously, if you do not care about your jailbreak, you are free to update to iOS 7.1. If you choose to do so, you will have to plug your iPhone in iTunes as evasi0n7 disables OTA updates by default.

You've been warned. Now it's your responsibility to make the decision: is iOS 7.1 worth losing your jailbreak? You tell me.

iOS 7.1 is out with CarPlay support, Siri and Touch ID improvements and more

Apple has just released long-expected iOS 7.1 for public consumption, the first major software update to its mobile operating system in nearly six months. As you know, Apple last September gave iOS a substantial visual makeover that inadvertently brought issues like random restarts and crashes.

Apple claims it's fixed these problems while adding a myriad of user interface refinements and a few new features, including Siri and Touch ID enhancements.

You'll also appreciate noticeably faster animations and transitions, as well as new accessibility options, performance improvements and more. If you're jailbroken, do not upgrade to iOS 7.1 - you've been warned...

Apple said to be ‘scrambling’ to make changes to IAP policies required by March 31

In a settlement with the FTC earlier this year regarding a lawsuit over in-app purchases, Apple told the commission that it would issue refunds to those affected and modify its in-app billing system to make things more clear. The FTC agreed and gave the company until March 31, 2014 to make the changes.

In order to meet the government's orders, Apple must alter its billing practices to obtain a user's express consent before billing them for an in-app purchase, and provide them with an easy way to withdraw that consent. And according to a new report, Apple engineers are scrambling to meet the deadline...

Apple to release iOS 7.1 ‘any day now’ with support for SXSW iTunes Festival app

The highly-anticipated iOS 7.1 update could be landing any day now, according to a new report by Daring Fireball's John Gruber. The long-time Apple speculator and dot-connector has in the past proven to have knowledgeable sources that work inside the company.

Gruber says that a 'little birdie' has informed him that the app for Apple's upcoming iTunes Festival at SXSW in Austin, which will be used for providing information and streaming live performances, will require iOS 7.1. Thus the update should ship any day now...

Developers say iOS 7.1 fixes issue impacting location-based apps

It appears that an issue in iOS 7 that disabled the geolocation functions on apps that were force-closed by the user is being corrected in iOS 7.1. Developers say that in the latest iOS 7.1 betas, force-closing an app does not disable its location-aware functions.

This has been a major problem for developers since the launch of iOS 7 last fall—particularly for those who had location-based apps. Some devs have even reported that their App Store ratings have plummeted in the last 6 months due to the technical change...

Are you ready for iOS 7.1 in March?

Software updates to Apple's mobile operating system typically used to get rolled out within a few weeks following the public launch of a major iOS release.

But as Apple transitions to a more aggressive release schedule on the OS X side - the firm switched from an 18-month cycle to annual OS X refreshes - Apple's engineers are taking their time dealing with the initial complaints, bugs and issues that have been plaguing iOS 7 users since September 2013.

The latest chatter by credible publications coupled with reliable information coming from my own sources points to a public release of iOS 7.1 in March...

More evasi0n7 exploits patched in iOS 7.1 beta 5

Shortly after iOS 7.1 beta 4 was released, we learned that the update patched a key kernel exploit used in the evasi0n7 jailbreak. And today we've received word that beta 5, which was seeded to developers earlier this afternoon, patches 2 other exploits.

Developer and hacker iH8sn0w tweeted out a few moments ago that Apple has fixed the 'chown' vulnerability and 'afc sandbox escape' used by the evad3r's popular jailbreak utility in beta 5. So it looks like iOS 7.1 will indeed be the death of the iOS 7 JB...

Apple seeds iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers: here is what’s new

Apple has released the fifth beta of iOS 7.1 to registered developers this morning. The update, which carries the build number 11D5145e, can be downloaded OTA or via Apple’s developer center.

Today’s release comes just two weeks after the fourth beta, which only brought about a handful of changes including a refreshed slide to unlock animation and a new voice gender for Siri UK…

iOS 7.1 beta 4 believed to patch key evasi0n7 exploit

As most of you know, Apple released a new version of iOS 7.1 for developers yesterday. It's the fourth beta for the next major update to iOS, and as you can imagine, we've been asked a number of times if it kills the month-old evasion7 jailbreak software.

Well we don't know for sure, which is why we've been holding off on reporting about this, but we've received word that it's likely it does. And iH8sn0w added weight to the theory this morning, saying that it looks like beta 4 patches evasion7's kernel exploit...

Apple seeds iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers: here is what’s new

Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 7.1 to registered developers this morning. The update, which carries the build number 11D5134c, can be downloaded OTA or via Apple’s developer center.

Today’s release comes just two weeks after the third beta, which brought about a number of UI changes including a new dialer, less vibrant icons for Messages, Phone and FaceTime apps, and more...

iOS 7.1 to bring Siri gender option for UK, Australian English, possibly other languages

As Apple gears up to unleash the fourth beta of the upcoming iOS 7.1 firmware update, possibly as early as tomorrow (carriers are already testing it), we've been tipped off about a nice improvement in the current iOS 7.1 Beta 3 release which has apparently escaped our and pretty much everyone else's attention.

Courtesy of the latest iOS 7.1 beta, male and female Siri voice with British English accent are now available on iOS 7.1 Beta 3 device. As the currently available non betas don't offer updated voices for Siri in the UK, this signals Apple is looking to enable Siri's gender option in more languages as the company continues to fine-tune its digital personal assistant...