iOS 5 Beta 4

iOS 5 Beta 4 Will Expire on August 31

Apple released iOS 5 Beta 4 this past Friday, and there have already been numerous findings uncovered in Apple's lasest build. With an iOS 5 announcement set to happen in September, we're getting closer and closer to a final GM release of iOS 5 before it hits the public.

According to jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w, iOS 5 Beta 4 is set to expire on August 31. That gives Apple a little over a month to release the next iOS 5 beta.

iOS 5 Beta 4 Adds Cellular and GPS Toggles to iPod Touch

Remember the rumor that Apple would introduce a 3G-equipped iPod touch at its music event this September? A recent finding in the newly-released iOS 5 Beta 4 uncovers something that all but confirms that possibility.

There's always the chance that Apple got lazy and just forgot to remove the cellular and GPS toggles in the Settings app for the iPod touch, but it's more exciting to speculate that this is a sign of things to come...

iOS 5 Beta 4 Brings Wi-Fi Sync to Windows

Apple has brought Wi-Fi Sync functionality in iOS 5 Beta 4 to Windows users. iOS 5 Beta 2 turned Wi-Fi sync on for Mac users, and we posted a video walkthrough of how it worked.

In the newly-released Beta 4 version of iOS 5, Windows users can enjoy the same Wi-Fi Sync feature on their iDevices.

iOS 5 Beta 4 Brings Documents to the iCloud

Apple has released iOS 5 Beta 4, and people are starting to find interesting additions and changes made in Apple's latest beta build.

Apparently, Apple has finally turned on document syncing with iCloud, so apps can now start syncing iWork documents between all of your iDevices. This is great news for developers to start field testing document syncing in their own apps, and a nice preview of what's to come for us all this Fall...

Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 4 With RedSn0w

Apple released iOS 5 Beta 4 yesterday to developers, and the Dev-Team has already released an update to the jailbreak tool RedSn0w for a tethered jailbreak on iOS 5 Beta 4.

This jailbreak is not recommended for non-developers, and RedSn0w will need to be used each time you reboot to re-jailbreak your iDevice.

iOS 5 Beta 4 Blocks Jailbreakers From OTA Updates

In case you missed the news, Apple seeded iOS 5 beta 4 to developers yesterday. The new software brings loads of bug fixes and minor updates, and it also introduced a major new feature. Today's beta was the first firmware update that Apple's pushed to devs over-the-air.

Although things got off to a rocky start, a majority of the folks guinea-pigging the OTA updates seemed to be happy with the end result. However, if you have a jailbroken iDevice and tried updating to the new iOS 5 software, it was probably a different story...

Apple Seeds iOS 5 Beta 4 to Developers, Brings Over-the-Air Updates

Apple just pushed out the latest beta of their upcoming iOS 5 software to developers ahead of schedule. Apple released the first beta on June 6th, the second on Jun 24, and the third on July 11th.

This new smaller timeframe suggests that this is more of an incremental upgrade, but we've already noticed a major difference from previous beta versions. Beta 4 is available over-the-air...