iOS 5 Beta 4 Brings Documents to the iCloud

Apple has released iOS 5 Beta 4, and people are starting to find interesting additions and changes made in Apple’s latest beta build.

Apparently, Apple has finally turned on document syncing with iCloud, so apps can now start syncing iWork documents between all of your iDevices. This is great news for developers to start field testing document syncing in their own apps, and a nice preview of what’s to come for us all this Fall…

As iCloud’s public launch draws near, document syncing is one more piece of the puzzle that Apple has introduced in Beta 4. Once you turn on “Documents & Data” syncing in your iCloud settings, you’ll be able to sync your iWork documents from one iDevice to another.

Simply begin a document one on device, leave it, and then open it up on another device and your work will be saved and synced automatically. You can also set these iCloud syncs to happen on 3G or Wi-Fi only.

Hopefully Apple will make this syncing feature ubiquitous on all iWork apps for the Mac and iOS. Third party apps should also start adding support.

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