Pinterest just bought Instapaper

In a newsworthy move that in all likelihood makes lots of sense, the photo sharing service Pinterest has acquired Pinterest, the popular app and web service for saving webpages to read later.

According to the announcement, Pinterest will continue to develop and maintain the mobile Instapaper app, available at no charge on the App Store.

Instapaper introduces Highlights, revamps web UI

The popular read-later iOS app Instapaper (I prefer the free Pocket app, formerly Read It Later) has received an interesting update this morning bringing out a new Highlights feature which lets you create and save passages of text from any article, useful to keep those quotes and important notes handy. The biggest threat to Instapaper's further adoption is its pricing structure: unlike the free Pocket, Instapaper is a $3.99 value...

Instapaper update adds AirPlay support, send to Kindle functionality

Instapaper, which has long been the go-to 'read it later' service for iOS users, updated its iPhone and iPad client today, bringing the app to version 5.1.5. The update brings about a number of new features and improvements.

On the features side of things, 5.1.5 adds support for Instapaper's 'Daily' trending story service, as well as a new Send to Amazon Kindle function. And as for improvements, it adds better AirPlay support, back gestures and more...

Instapaper goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

Apple has named the popular read-it-later app Instapaper its App of the Week for this week. This means that through next Thursday, you'll be able to pick up the application for both your iPhone and iPad, for free—a savings of $4.

For those unfamiliar with the app, Instapaper bills itself as the simplest way to save and store articles for reading. You can save content on virtually any device, like a bookmark, and return to it later for reading at your convenience...

Poll: do you get all worked up over iOS exclusives going Android?

When social network Path released its Android app following the successful debut on the iPhone, barely anyone paid notice. But when Instagram went Android, it spurred lots of controversy. Even Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller stopped using the app because it “jumped the shark” when it went to Android.

The debate over iPhone exclusives going Android really heated up with yesterday’s announcement of Instapaper of Android, Marco Arment’s read-later program which became a huge success on the iOS platform.

Should Apple work harder to secure iOS exclusives, which have been around in the console business for ages? Or perhaps this is nothing to get worked up about? Cast your vote now...

Instapaper updated with features and gorgeous iBooks-style animations

I'm a big fan of Instapaper. I've come to rely on both the bookmarklet and the iOS app for my daily blogging and research, as well as general reading needs.

I've been also using Instapaper to catch up on my previously saved stories while on the go, using my iPhone or iPad.

Today, Marco Arment pushed another update that brought a couple new features in addition to a cosmetic change I've been clamoring for: iBooks-style animations.

I know that some other apps replicate the wonderful page curl seen in Apple's iBooks app, namely Google's Play Books. But whereas other programs fall short because of the sluggishness and jaginess exhibited when flipping through the pages, Instapaper 4.2 delivers.

I've been comparing page curls in iBooks and Instapaper for like an hour now and walked away convinced that Instapaper pretty much beats iBooks with its gorgeous, smooth and pixel-perfect page turns...

Instagram Gets Friendly With Facebook

One of my favorite social networks, Instagram, just got a whole lot more friendly with Facebook. Photos that you now send from Instagram on your iPhone to Facebook will be automatically added to a folder called "Instagram Photos" in their full size.

Not only will your Instagrams appear full size on your Timeline in all of their retro glory, but every pic is consolidated into one helpful photo album for reference.

Readability Takes On Instapaper by Going Free, New iOS App On the Way

Popular online reading service Readability has announced several big changes, including the long-awaited release of a native iOS app in the App Store. Not only that, but Readability will now be free for everyone, with users able to subscribe for a small fee to gain access to the "premium" experience.

Like Instapaper and Read It Later, Readability makes it easy to save and read articles online across a variety of devices. While many of the platforms' features overlap, Readability offers several things that services like Instapaper do not.