Instapaper relaunches its premium plan as service returns to Europe


Instapaper, the read-it-later service that recently became an independent company, has announced plans to once again offer a premium monthly plan. The return of Instapaper Premium arrives as the service once again becomes available in Europe.

Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, Instapaper was once owned by Marco Arment before being sold to betaworks in 2013. Three years later, Pinterest purchased the service. Last month, the Instapaper team announced plans to spin the service off as a new company.

With Instapaper Premium, you can receive:

  • Full-text search for all articles in your account
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Text-to-Speech playlists on mobile
  • Speed reading to get through all of your articles up to 3x faster
  • An ad-free Instapaper website
  • “Send to Kindle” using a bookmarklet or our mobile apps

Instapaper Premium is priced at $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

As Instapaper explains:

In addition to getting access to Premium features, your Instapaper Premium subscription will help ensure that we can continue developing and operating Instapaper. Our goal is to build a long-term sustainable product and business, without venture capital, and we need your help to achieve that goal.

Meanwhile, European Union members can once again use Instapaper after the service addressed actions to address the General Data Protection Regulation. Those in Europe will receive a free six-month subscription to Instapaper Premium as a token of apology for the extended downtime. Instapaper exited Europe in May.

It concludes:

We’ve updated our privacy policy to include the rights afforded to EU users under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Additionally, in the interest of transparency, we are posting our privacy policy to GitHub where you can view a versioned history of all the changes to our privacy policy.

Last week, Instapaper’s Apple Watch app was pulled from the market due to low usage.

You can download Instagram from the App Store.