How to sign out of all devices on Netflix at once

Netflix Account Settings on the Web

Netflix is great for watching movies and television shows. And with the app, you can watch wherever you go. So, what happens if you head to a friend’s house or stay in a hotel and use the available device there to log into Netflix, but forget to log out when you leave? Now, anyone can use your account.

There is a way to sign out of all devices on Netflix at once, and here’s how.

How to find the estimated value of your device with Apple GiveBack

Apple GiveBack Trade-In Value

Many times, when we upgrade our iPhone, we trade in our current one to Apple or our cell phone provider. But what if you receive a new iPhone as gift? Now you have your old and new one.

Other times, we simply buy a new product to upgrade like the newest Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Again, now you have the old and new device.

Do you want to try and sell your older device? How much should you ask for it? What is it worth?

Apple has a convenient way for you to get estimated value of your device. Plus, Apple gives you options for what to do with your old devices.

Here’s how to find the estimated value of your devices with Apple GiveBack.

How to remove a device from your Apple account on iPhone and iPad

Confirm Removal of Apple Device on iPhone

When you buy a new device, whether it’s the newest iPhone or Apple Watch, do you take the time to remove the old device from your account?

Cleaning up that list of devices on your account is a good idea for removing the clutter. And for two-factor authentication, why have devices on the list to get pinged if you no longer own or use them?

Declutter your list of devices you no longer use, have sold, or have given away. Here’s how to remove a device from your Apple account on iPhone and iPad.

How to obtain your other Apple devices’ information with iCloud

Device list on iPhone

Have you ever needed details from another Apple device you own but couldn’t get to them? Maybe your device is at home and you’re in the office. Or, maybe you have your device with you but can’t get to the details you need.

If you use iCloud across your devices, you can get the information you need quickly on your iPhone. Whether it’s a model number or a current OS version, you can retrieve it in a few taps.

The best HomeKit accessories under $50

Smart home tech is one of the most exciting areas of consumer electronics, as the market continues to grow each year. HomeKit in particular has had a particularly strong 2017 with a record number of new products released.

I feel it is a good time to gather up the best, and most affordable HomeKit tech whether it is for your own home, or as a gift. Everything we've included, barring maybe one exception, comes in under $50.

iDevices HomeKit Wall Switch review

The iDevices HomeKit Wall Switch fixes one of the crucial issue with many smart homes. Not only does it fix a glaring issue, it comes with enough bells and whistles to make it the best HomeKit wall switch on the market.