iDevices finally releases Instant Switch, with some concessions

After first being announced at CES 2017 touting HomeKit and Alexa support, iDevices has finally released their easy-to-use Instant Switch for smart homes.

This attractive switch simply attaches to any wall using 3M Command adhesive, and will control any iDevices product.

Switches and buttons have been gaining popularity in smart homes. They are a great alternative way to control devices that are either hard to reach, or when you have guests/children.

It blends in well to most homes, and can easily fit inside a standard faceplate to match your interior.

It’s never been easier to add flexibility to your smart home. Place the iDevices Instant Switch anywhere in your home without the need to run wires and connect your entire living space with our diverse ecosystem of smart products. The Instant Switch also has a dimming feature, giving you the ultimate freedom to create the perfect ambiance anywhere in your home.

It communicates to the other devices over Bluetooth, and is powered solely off a single cell battery. The battery should last about two years under normal use.

Unfortunately, things seem to have changed since the original announcement, as it has dropped support for HomeKit and Alexa. Instead, it only works with other iDevices products (not including their thermostat), which may be limiting to some.

One of the best things about HomeKit is that you have the freedom to choose from many different products, and aren’t tied to one brand.

On the positive side, the price has also dropped. When originally announced, it was expected to launch mid-2017 for $49.95. It is now currently shipping, but at the lower price of $34.99.

iDevices have been some of my absolutely favorite smart home devices, including their wall switch, which we just featured in our latest installment of our HomeKit Automation series.

It just seems odd that this is their one product that locks you in to iDevices, instead of supporting HomeKit or Amazon Alexa.

If you would like to pick one up, they are available now on Amazon for $34.99 with free shipping.