Want to know more about the iTweak Store? Read our exclusive interview

Your one and only option for installing jailbreak applications on your iDevice these days is Cydia. It has been the undisputed installer of choice for several years now, and even if a few others – Rock, Icy – tried to make a name for themselves, Cydia has always prevailed.

We're so accustomed to Cydia that every time we hear about a potential new alternative, we get defensive very quickly. Change and competition are great, but the comfort of a househould name like Cydia is hard to break. But that's exactly what the iTweak Store aims to do.

Surfaced a couple days ago, the iTweak Store presents itself as a web based alternative to Cydia. We sat down with Kyle Pierre, one of the developers behind iTweak, to learn more about what their project is all about and why we should be on the look out for them...

Lima is a New Browser-Based Cydia Alternative

After Cydia was crippled by the the recent Amazon EC2 outage, jailbreakers have been seeking out alternative options to get their favorite iOS extensions. Currently, Cydia is widely known as the "only" jailbroken app store, but it certainly seems like the Infini Dev Team is looking to change that.

You may recognize them as the developers who are bringing back the popular Icy package installer, which has been absent from the jailbreak scene since iOS 3.0. But Icy's not the only Cydia challenger these guys have been working on. They have another project in the oven called Lima...

Icy Cydia Alternative Makes a Comeback

That's right folks, the silky smooth Cydia alternative is back up and running. For folks who have been around the jailbreak scene for a while, you undoubtedly remember Icy. The dpkg installer worked similar to Cydia, but always seemed faster and more refined than its counterpart.

Since Cydia and Rock joined forces, there really hasn't been any competition in the jailbroken app store industry. Icy is looking to change that by returning to the scene with a fresh coat of paint. Does it have what it takes to be a worthy challenger after being gone for so long?