Clear to-do app gets the HTML5 treatment, try it for free

Realmac Software’s Clear to do application has gotten an enormous amount of media attention over the past few weeks. One publication said that Clear’s innovative, gesture-based UI “had the potential to change how we use our devices.”
But if you haven’t had the chance to try the app out, then it may be hard for you to see what all of the fuss is about. Luckily, developer Evan You has created an HTML5 replica of the Clear application so folks can give it a free test drive…

Grooveshark Back on the iPhone With HTML5 Web App

Popular music service Grooveshark has made its way back to the iPhone, thanks to the company’s new HTML web app. Grooveshark fans will be happy to hear that you can now access the free service on iOS devices without the jailbreak app.

Apple originally pulled Grooveshark from the App Store because of its questionably-illegal nature, and then app then showed up in Cydia for jailbreakers. Grooveshark has now abandoned Flash for a mobile-friendly HTML5 web app that all iOS users can enjoy.

Magic Land Island is First Facebook Game to Take Advantage of Project Spartan

Facebook’s infamous Project Spartan, the company’s HTML5 app store, went live yesterday as part of the update to the Facebook mobile web site, iPhone app and new iPad app. As part of that silent release – no fanfare, no CEO on a stage, no sweaty Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook gaming giant “wooga” launched the new platform’s first game, Magic Land Island.

While the game itself is mildly interesting, it’s the technology aspect that is worth noting, and wooga’s CTO, Philipp Moeser, seems particularly excited about the possibilities afforded by mobile HTML5 applications…

And So it Begins: Apple TV Gets its First Jailbreak Game

Ever since Apple released the $99 Apple TV 2 with AirPlay compatibility last year, fans have been holding vigilant for an App Store on the set-top box. Applications would mean games on a larger screen, and AirPlay would mean iDevices could join in on the fun.

But after nearly 12 months of waiting, Cupertino has yet to make an announcement regarding 3rd-party application support. Just as jailbreaking paved the way for the iPhone, it’s also slowly unlocking the Apple TV’s potential…

appMobi Lets Developers Code HTML 5 Apps for Submitting to the App Store

Google’s Chrome web-based app store received a new entry this week, and believe it or not, it does have a link to the world of iOS.

The newly released appMobi is a web app designed to help developers to code HTML 5 web apps, but it also packs a sucker punch that we didn’t see coming. If after writing your HTML 5 app, you decide you’d like to submit it as a native iOS app to Apple’s App Store, then appMobi will let you do that, too…

New for iPad Design Rolling Out this Week

Folks who prefer browsing with the iPad instead of using a native Twitter client will be happy to hear that the social networking giant is updating the site to be more compatible with Apple’s tablet.

Up until now, navigating Twitter’s website from the iPad was unpleasant. You had the choice to view the site in desktop mode, or an upscaled mobile view — neither one is very tablet-friendly. But that’s all going to change during the next 7 days…

Facebook’s Project Spartan to Hit iOS Within the Next Month

Facebook went live with the media this morning from their Palo Alto headquarters to make good on Mark Zuckerberg’s promise last week that his company would be making some “awesome” announcements. Though Skype-integrated video chat looks cool, iDB feels that the best has yet to come.

Remember that little Facebook endeavor we told you about a few weeks ago code-named Project Spartan? The HTML5-coded platform is nearing completion and could be available to the masses as early as the end of the month… 

Google Swiffy Will Convert Flash Files to iPhone-Friendly HTML 5

Google unveiled a new tool for developers today called Swiffy — a simple converter that takes .SWF Flash files and transforms them into iPhone-friendly HTML5 code. It’s the latest experimental application to hit Google Labs, and while it works best with simple Flash animations, its results are rather impressive.

Anyone can use Swiffy by simply visiting There you can upload an SWF file and quickly convert it into HTML5…

Adobe Announces “Wallaby”, Converts Flash To HTML5

One of the major features iOS lacks is Adobe Flash support. While Apple had decided to take a completely different path using HTML5, Flash still (for now), dominates internet content.

But that isn’t keeping Adobe away. Late last night, Adobe announced a new prototype software for iOS devices, codenamed, “Wallaby”. “Wallaby” is a new Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool which doesn’t do much yet. Wallaby currently only converts typical banner ads to HTML5, noted Adobe… 

Google Translate Now Available on the iPhone

Google’s popular translate tool now has its very own iPhone app. The company has had a Google Translate HTML5-based web app for quite some time, but Google Translate has now been given the full app treatment.

Among other enhancements, Google Translate for the iPhone allows users to speak their translation requests. With speak-to-translate support for 15 languages at launch, the Google Translate app makes a big splash in the mobile translation niche…

iOSFlashVideo is Another Addition to the Growing List of Flash Workarounds for iPhone

First there was Frash, then there was the much hyped SkyFire browser. It’s obvious that there are plenty of folks out there that still want Flash capabilities on the iPhone.

Though much of the need has been quelled with the mass adoption of HTML 5 video tags, there are apparently still a few sites that haven’t made the switch. Obviously this presents an issue for us iPhone users.

As a remedy, we’ve had jailbreak solutions and we’ve had official App Store app solutions. Now, we can officially say that we have a Safari bookmarklet solution — iOSFlashVideo.

Skyfire Submits App That Brings Real Flash Videos to Your iPhone

Anyone who has an iPhone knows that trying to watch Flash videos is just not possible. There are a few hacks and cracks that bring synthetic Flash knockoffs to your device, though the jury is still out on how well they actually work. That could be changing real soon.

Skyfire has submitted an application to the App Store that would perform a nifty little conversion and bring real Flash to your iPhone. We know that natively, the software would never get a chance to grace the presence of Apple territory, so the developers created a way to make the content compliant…

The way it works is when you click on a video that is Flash based, the app takes it from its original format and converts it to HTML 5. Such a simple sounding but brilliant idea by whoever is behind the development. HTML 5 of course is the format that Apple has regarded to be the future that eliminates Adobe’s software.

The video shows off the seemingly stable app in action by loading an episode of The Daily Show. I can see Apple approving this and revering it to be the sort of example they speak of when they claim HTML 5 is the future. If only the app could make Jon Stewart consistently funny.

Will Apple approve this application or deem it too controversial? I wonder if the guy who decides will have to make a call to Steve himself. Let us know what you think of the app’s presentation and concept in the comments below.