1080p Video Playback Finally Coming in iOS 5

An interesting tidbit has been uncovered in the iOS 5 beta relating to HD video playback. It appears that iDevices will finally be able to playback HD video at a full, 1080p resolution.

Specifically, the iPad 2 has been confirmed to have the ability to playback full, 1080p video in the Videos app. In the past, iTunes wouldn't even allow the syncing of 1080p video to an iDevice.

5 Things I’d Really Love to See From The Next iPhone

There's been all sorts of mutters, speculations, and guesses surrounding the next iPhone. Some of the ideas sound great, while others sound pretty terrible.

Needless to say I think we all have our own personal wish list of things that we would like to see on the next iPhone, so I thought I'd share with you a few of mine. Obviously, these are just wishes, not necessarily realities, but hey, it's nice to dream, isn't it?

My first wish for the next iPhone is none other than...

The iPhone Killed the Flip Video Camera

Cisco has announced that it is discontinuing production of the Flip video cameras. The Flip brand was the king of portable HD video in its prime, but the doors are now closing on the the line of handheld camcorders.

Cisco is a company that's main focus is enterprise and networking, so it was always odd that they produced such a consumer-based product as the Flip. It appears that Cisco will be re-focusing its attention back to the enterprise field, and abandoning the now unprofitable Flip series.

Smartphones, namely being the iPhone, now have built-in HD video recording. It seems obvious that the Flip just couldn't keep up with its competition...

Is FaceTime HD on Its Way to the iPhone?

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the street, you've probably heard about all the ramblings concerning Apple's new MacBook Pro refresh.

That refresh is due tomorrow, so I wasn't surprised to see some of the official box shots leak out.

Contained on the box of Apple's latest mobile swag is a new "FaceTime HD" option; presumable 720p video via the MacBook's built in webcam.

Considering that the iPhone 4, and to a lesser extent, the iPhone 3GS, are technically capable of handling HD video, does this mean that we should expect FaceTime HD on our iPhones?

Tutorial: The Easiest Way to Enable HD Video Recording on the iPhone 3GS

We recently linked to a Cydia app that was rumored to enable HD video recording on the iPhone 3GS. Apparently, that app didn't work. There is, however, an easy way to enable HD recording through some file modifications on your iPhone 3GS.

The 3GS has had the ability to shoot in HD since it was released. Apple, for whatever reason, places a software limitation on the 3GS video recording capabilities. The ARM Cortext processor inside the 3GS is more than capable of handling 720p video encoding. I'm going to walk you through the easiest way to enable HD video recording on your 3GS...

How to Enable HD Video Recording on iPhone 3GS

If you are an iPhone 3GS owner and feel left out because you can't record HD videos on your iPhone, then rejoice because the jailbreak community is taking care of you.

There is a new jailbreak app in Cydia called HD Video Enabler for 3GS. Just like its name suggests, this tweak will allow you to enable HD video recording on your iPhone 3GS...

Screenshots of iOS 4.1 Show HDR Photography & HD Uploading Abilities

The release of iOS 4.1 will come next week sometime but Gizmodo has gotten ahold of some screenshots that show off the new operating system's fanciest feature. As Steve Jobs announced today the new OS will enable high dynamic range photography, otherwise known as HDR.

For those who are unaware of the premise behind HDR, the feature takes multiple images to create a more colorful splash and sensation for the final product. Whether your a highly tuned photographer or just like snapping shots with your iPhone you'll be able to experience the benefits of having such an ability within your native camera app...

The Ultimate PartyDock Coming to The iPhone

TUAW recently unveiled a product design by Griffin that could change the way you think about gaming on the iPhone or iPad. The FCC has released the exciting filing that would allow up to 4 people to simultaneously play in an individual setting. Sounds cool, right?

Griffin will send 4 games along with the PartyDock that will will include party, family and casual styles of entertainment. The games will be available in the App Store and would be designed to be ran specifically with aforementioned platform. Head over to the product site for additional info including development.  

Upload HD Video From Your iPhone With 720tube

Apple is infamous for creating amazing devices that have one too many steps involved in utilizing them fully. The video camera on the iPhone 4 is a great example of this. Uploading HD video to YouTube was a hassle to master. Not anymore  because 720tube lets you do just that.

You choose your video from your camera roll and login to YouTube both from within the app. Then just add a title, description and other information about the clip like you normally would. Upload and enjoy...

Movies Rented on The iPhone 4 Can’t Be Transferred Back to iTunes

iLounge reveals a bit of discerning information that took a mysterious amount of time to surface. It turns out that the iPhone 4 shares the same limitations as the iPad and the Apple TV in regards to being unable to transfer rented movies back to your iTunes library.

The ability to move rentals had never been a problem before when renting on previous iPhone models. An excerpt from the iPhone iOS 4 User Guide briefly mentions the limitation on page 99, and it reads as such:

iMovie for iPhone 4 Now Available for Download

iMovie, Apple's own video editing app for iPhone 4 is now available for download in the App Store. With the new iPhone 4 bringing HD recording in our hands, iMovie for iPhone becomes a must-have.

iMovie lets you create video postcards, movies, and more right from your iPhone. The app also lets you use preset themes and you can even add music from your iTunes library. After creating your movie, you can decide to share on YouTube, via email, MMS, or simply sync it with your computer.

The downside? iMovie is only available for iPhone 4. You can download iMovie from the App Store for $4.99.