How to insert, format, and edit charts & graphs in the Numbers app on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Charts and graphs in the Numbers app

Graphs and charts give you terrific ways to display data. Rather than reading row after row, visuals let you see data at a glance, compare it, and even put it into perspective. And what’s nice about spreadsheet applications like Numbers is that all you have to do is select your data, pick out a chart, and the app will create it for you.

Once you have your chart, you can change its appearance and add items like a title, labels, and a legend. This gives you the flexibility to display a graph or chart that shows your data exactly as you like. So here, we’ll show you how to create your Numbers chart, format it to your liking, and edit it if needed.

Lack of eGPU support in M1 Macs may only be temporary

Mac with eGPU

As iDownloadBlog reported a few days ago, the new Apple Silicon-powered M1 Macs do not support external GPUs (eGPU), but that could be a temporary hiccup. That's because macOS Big Sur has bee discovered to detect a connected eGPU over Thunderbolt 3, although it's not exposed to the user or actually accessible for compute and graphics tasks.

How to create and use Interactive Charts in Numbers

Interactive Chart in Numbers Mac

Creating a chart or graph in Numbers is a great way to display your data visually. And Numbers offers several different types so that you can use the best style to show your data. One of those types is an Interactive Chart.

An Interactive Chart in Numbers is convenient for displaying groups of data for comparison or changes over time. Your data stays intact, and you simply adjust the chart to show it differently.

If you haven’t tried this type of chart before, we’re here to help. Here’s how to create and use Interactive Charts in Numbers on both Mac and iOS.

How to create basic graphs and charts in Keynote on Mac

Chart Format Tab Keynote Mac

Charts and graphs are great visual representations of data. So adding one to your Keynote presentation can be beneficial for your business or organization. And while you can certainly grab one from another app like Numbers, Keynote does offer chart features, so you can create one easily.

If you’re new to Keynote or simply the chart options, here’s how to create basic a chart or graph in Keynote on your Mac.

Canva lets you create beautiful graphics with ease on iPhone or iPad

With the introduction of more powerful devices, iOS is truly hitting its stride as an undoubtedly useful platform for casual creativity. This maturation is primarily aided by the introduction of new powerful apps that are more interesting than ever. Canva is part of this class of apps that are fascinating for casual creatives on iOS.