Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar brings Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories to iPhone and iPad

GTA fans rejoice! Rockstar Games has ported another title from its popular franchise over to iOS. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, for $6.99.

Liberty City Stories follows former-wise-guy-turned-hit-man Toni Cipriani as he returns home to Liberty City. During his absence, the city became overrun with political corruption, drug trafficking and union strikes, and it's up to Toni and the Leone family to get things back under control.

In celebration of 10th anniversary, Rockstar puts Grand Theft Auto games on sale

Rockstar Games is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto, the famous action-adventure video game franchise originally created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. And to mark the occasion, Rockstar has put the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City games on sale in the App Store.

This is a great limited-time opportunity to save as much as seven bucks on all three open-world action-adventure games.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars returns to the App Store with Retina display support

As you may or may not have known, Rockstar pulled Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars from the App Store back in September. They said the removal was due to an incompatibility with iOS 7, and that they would investigate a fix for it.

Well the game made its triumphant return to the App Store this weekend, with fix and all. Now, the popular Grand Theft Auto title is fully compatible with the latest version of iOS, and Rockstar even added in support for Retina displays...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now available in the App Store

Rockstar's wildly popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now available in the App Store. The game, which first launched on the PlayStation 2 all the way back in 2004, is now available on both the iPhone and iPad.

Rockstar says that this is their biggest mobile port ever. The game features over 70-hours of gameplay, enhanced visuals, and—for the first time ever—support for Apple's new Made-for-iOS controller technology in iOS 7...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas coming to iOS in December with MFi controller support

Great news gamers! Rockstar announced this morning that it is working on a port for its popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas title, and it will be landing on iOS (and Android) in December. Additionally, it will support new MFi controllers.

Rockstar has already published a handful of GTA games in the App Store, but this one will be particularly sweet. First released for consoles in 2004, San Andreas won numerous 'Game of the Year' awards and sold over 27.5 million copies...

Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto V companion app ‘iFruit’

It's been a long time since I've been as excited about a game release as I am about Grand Theft Auto V. Set to go on sale at midnight tonight, the fifth installment in the popular GTA series looks impressive from every angle.

Ahead of tomorrow's launch, Rockstar has released a companion app today for GTA V called 'iFruit.' Available on both the iPad and iPhone, the app offers several useful features like the ability to customize in-game vehicles...

Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto games are 40% off until July 30

Don't declare the weekend yet before taking a closer look at a nice little promotion the merry fellows at Rockstar Games have put together for us, avid iOS gamers. I'm sure you're aware that Rockstar makes some of the finest games around for the iPhone and iPad.

Earlier this week, the UK-based developer kicked off a time-limited promotion where its Max Payne first-person bullet-time shooter is half price now. Also 40 percent off: three Grand Theft Auto Games for the iPhone and iPad, including the awesome Vice City.

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