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Google reportedly launching Android Pay in May

Google plans to launch Android Pay at its Google I/O conference in May, following its purchase of Softcard (formerly known as Isis) earlier this week, according to ArsTechnica citing anonymous sources.

The new Android Pay solution, which ArsTechnica reports will indeed be the name, is set to take on Apple Pay as a revamp to Google's ailing Google Wallet product that's been around since 2011.

Google buys Softcard, inks deal with carriers to bolster Google Wallet

Google has purchased digital wallet software company Softcard, formerly know as Isis, to bolster its Google Wallet product as Apple Pay has begun to gain ground.

The deal will see Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T pre-install Google Wallet on their Android phones in the US later this year, as Google hopes to do away with the fragmentation problem Google Wallet has been suffering from. 

Google planning to show better Apple Pay competitor in May

Google is working to revamp its Google Wallet service available for Android devices, after the growth of Apple Pay in its early days, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal lays out the search giant's plans, including word that it's working to unveil a new version of Google Wallet in late May at the Google I/O developer conference.

Google Wallet: your personal data is the priority

The differences between Apple and Google's strategies in the mobile space couldn't be more obvious. One company is making a big bet on privacy. The other, is making a big bet on everything but privacy. These strategies give each companies different priorities, and mobile payments is once again a clear illustration of that.

Apple clearly states that absolutely no data is collected or shared when making purchases with Apple Pay. As Tim Cook said before, the transaction is just between you and the merchant. No one in between. Your privacy is one of Apple's priorities.

Google, on the other hand, has different priorities when it comes to mobile payments. Based on its long-time business model, Google wants to collect data about what you buy so it can serve you more targeted ads.

Google Wallet for iPhone adds Touch ID and iPhone 6 support, more

The Internet giant Google has upped the ante in the mobile payment arena with Tuesday's refresh to its Wallet iOS app. The new version brings out support for Touch ID allowing owners of the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and the iPhone 5s and onward to unlock the app with their finger.

And with native display support for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus display resolutions, the app now takes full advantage of the screen real estate available to owners of Apple's latest handsets.

Google Wallet for iOS adds low balance notifications and recurring bank transfers

Google on Wednesday announced an update to its mobile Wallet application for the iPhone which now includes handy low balance alerts and another feature allowing users to set up recurring bank transfer in order to ensure there's always money to spend in their Wallet.

The refreshed application did not receive support for the bigger iPhone screens and will be going live in the App Store later today.

Google Wallet is available free of charge.

Google Wallet updated with support for gift cards, free debit card transfers and more

Google today announced a significant update for its Google Wallet service. The new version brings about support for gift cards, money requests, and the ability to send money with your debit card for free, and it should be rolling out to iOS and Android apps shortly.

With the new gift card support, users will be able to save their electronic cards to Google Wallet, redeem them in-store, and even check their balances [only at participating merchants]. The Wallet app can even remind you to use your card when you are near stores...

Google updates Wallet app with new Orders feature

Google last month introduced some nice new features for its mobile Wallet app, namely the ability to scan your loyalty cards using the iPhone's iSight camera and receive notifications for offers from local merchants.

According to a post Wednesday on the Google Commerce Blog, the Internet giant is rolling out a new version of Wallet for iPhone which uses receipts from Gmail to track your online purchases.

The refreshed software is currently being rolled out to US-based customers so keep an eye on the App Store as the app goes live in the course of this week...

Google Wallet updated with loyalty card scanning, notifications for local merchants

Released last September following the public launch of iOS 7, Google's Wallet for iPhone application has since seen one major refresh and a couple maintenance updates.

In December, for example, the app gained the ability to authorize users using Single Sign-On and add a credit or debit card to Wallet by taking a picture of the physical card using the iOS device camera.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could add loyalty cards by scanning? Now you can, thanks to a new Google Wallet version 2.0.13611 update, now available in the App Store...

Google Wallet gets single sign-on, lets you add credit card via iDevice camera

Following a significant delay, the Internet giant Google finally released its free Wallet for iPhone app back in September 2013. But in bringing its troubled mobile payment service to Apple’s platform, Google left out some of the capabilities found in Wallet's Android counterpart, such as the ability to make in-store payments with the app (not surprising considering iPhones lack NFC). The company added a few new features via two recent updates and today the Wallet app has been refreshed with some new functionality.

For starters, you can now instantly sign on to Wallet if you use other iOS apps from Google. Google previously rolled out this rather useful feature to its popular iOS apps, allowing you to, say, just tap your Google Account already used in Chrome in order to log in to the Gmail iOS app.

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