Google Wallet

Google releases official Wallet app for iPhone

Google has released an official Google Wallet app for the iPhone this morning, bringing its popular mobile payment service to Apple's platform for the first time. The app includes several features, but it doesn't have all of the capabilities of its Android counterpart.

For example, you can't make in-store payments with the app—which isn't surprising, considering the feature is limited to only a handful of NFC-enabled Android devices. But it's worth noting. You can send money to other people, though, and utilize Google Offers...

Physical Google Wallet Card for in-store payments is coming

Google Wallet, a mobile payment system from the search giant, has gained little traction over the past 18 months since its inception, mostly due to limited merchant and carrier support in the U.S. To solve this, Google is rumored to be on the verge of launching a physical card that will work in conjunction with the Wallet service to replace all plastic in your pocket.

The move should help the Wallet service pick up steam and might even establish the search monster as one of the biggest players in the mobile payment industry. Indeed, one card to rule them all with the elite Google Wallet physical card...

Google Introduces Mobile Payments for Smartphones with Google Wallet

Google has finally unveiled its public service for mobile payments called Google Wallet. The NFC-based technology will initially work with select Android devices and participating merchants to give customers the ability to pay with their smartphones.

Short of a South Korean carrier offering an NFC-equipped iPhone case to customers, mobile payment technology has yet to make its name known on the iOS platform. Apple is expected to unveil an iPhone with an embedded NFC chip next year...