Google updates Wallet app with new Orders feature

Google Wallet 2.0.13611 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Google Wallet 2.0.13611 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Google last month introduced some nice new features for its mobile Wallet app, namely the ability to scan your loyalty cards using the iPhone’s iSight camera and receive notifications for offers from local merchants.

According to a post Wednesday on the Google Commerce Blog, the Internet giant is rolling out a new version of Wallet for iPhone which uses receipts from Gmail to track your online purchases.

The refreshed software is currently being rolled out to US-based customers so keep an eye on the App Store as the app goes live in the course of this week…

According to Google, to begin tracking your orders simply fire up the app and hit Activate under Track Your Orders or tap on Orders in the menu.

In addition to tracking your current online orders, the app’s smart enough to collate past orders which makes it real easy to conveniently track what you’ve purchased thus far in one place. You can view the products ordered, check out merchant contact information, access shipping details and more.

Google Wallet for iOS (Orders, Android screenshot 001)

“Plus, with just one click you can call or email the merchant if you have questions about your order,” writes Google. As a nice bonus, Wallet notifies you about order status changes – it even pulls receipts sent to your Gmail.

Here’s how it looks like on Android (sorry, they haven’t shared any iPhone screenies).

Google Wallet for iOS (Orders, Android screenshot 002)

Google explains they’ve worked with the nation’s primary package delivery companies, allowing them to alert you via push notifications when your order status gets updated.

“Whether your order is shipped, out for delivery, or delayed, you’ll never wonder about the status of your order,” explains the post.

Google Wallet is available free in the App Store.

It runs natively on the iPhone and iPod touch and requires iOS 6.0 or later.