Google Glass

Siri pans Google Glass

Once again, Apple has tweaked its digital personal assistant Siri to give the "right" answers when asked about a competitor's product.

This time around, Apple has re-calibrated her to give amusing responses to the "Okay Glass" prompt Google Glass owners use to issue commands to their Android-driven eyewear.

Though playful, Siri's responses disparage Google Glass, with one response calling Google's head-worn accessory "half empty" and telling users they've "got the wrong assistant". We have all the responses and a nice video right after the break...

Foxconn showcases its own smartwatch ahead of Apple’s iWatch

Could Apple's largest contract manufacturer also become a competitor? Foxconn's parent company, Hon Hai, unveiled a smartwatch that connects to your iPhone, displaying phone calls and Facebook messages. The news comes as the Taiwan-based assembler of iPhones seeks ways to diversify income as the  industry undergoes some uncertain times.

The watch, unveiled by Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou Wednesday, appears to compete against the iWatch, a rumored device that Apple may introduce. Despite not being an actual iWatch, Foxconn reportedly received 1,000 orders for its product...

‘PostOffice’ forwards all iOS notifications to Google Glass

Adam Bell, the iOS developer behind jailbreak tweaks like Stride and the Facebook Chat Head enabling MessageBox, is back at it again. He just released PostOffice — a new jailbreak tweak that allows Google Glass users to forward all of their iOS notifications directly to Google Glass.

Unfortunately, I don't own Google Glass, so it's impossible for me to personally test out exactly how the tweak functions. At any rate, take a look inside for a screenshot of the tweak's settings.

Here comes the Google Glass photographer

Although I haven’t yet convinced iDB’s own Sebastien Page to buy me a Google Glass, I’m a big fan of the Internet giant’s augmented-reality eyewear. But just like the majority of respondents in our non-scientific poll, I too would rather wear Apple’s rumored iWatch over Google’s wearable gizmo.

The biggest problem with Glass, as I see it, is social rather than technical. With that in mind, here's something you could be seeing real soon: the Google Glass photographer.

Go past the fold for a funny clip...

New hack enables support for iOS push notifications in Google Glass

You knew this was coming. Well-known developer Adam Bell has figured out a way to route push notifications from iOS through Google Glass. By design, the pricey accessory—which is only currently available to devs—doesn't communicate with Apple's mobile OS.

Bell, known for jailbreak tweaks like Stride and Blackout, is working on a hack that will allow Glass users to receive all app push notifications from their jailbroken iOS devices. It's not quite finished yet, but he's just posted a demo video showing the mod in action...

Google readying iPhone navigation and SMS support for Glass eyewear

Google's Glass project, the head-turning augmented reality-enabled glasses that run apps, continues to get largely positive reviews across the board. The pricey $1,500 eyewear currently requires a companion Glass app running on an Android handset in order to present information, such as upcoming meetings and missed calls, rendered as a futuristic overlay in front of your field of vision.

According to a new report, the Internet giant is working on a simplified system that will allow Glass to work with any iPhone or other mobile device, over Bluetooth, and use your smartphone for turn-by-turn navigation and text messages...

Corporate coach alludes to Apple’s next breakthrough: wearable

Bill Campbell, Chairman of the Intuit board, has been a member of Apple's board of directors since Steve Jobs's return in 1997. Simply known as the "coach," Campbell sat down with the Intuit CEO and dropped a few notable hints regarding Apple's direction in the post-Jobs Tim Cook era. Although he wouldn't discuss specifics of Apple's pipeline, reading between the lines subtly suggests that something incorporating wearable technology might soon become Apple’s latest and greatest creation. We have a vide right past the fold...

LG developing own iWatch and Google Glass-like wearable gizmo

Apple's unreleased iWatch is already inspiring a bunch of me-too products from big name tech giants (nothing wrong with that, mind you). Bloomberg recently quoted a Samsung executive who went on the record to confirm that his company has been "preparing the watch product for so long.”

Then, the Financial Times newspaper shared knowledge of Google’s Android team working on a smartwatch product to act as an extension to the smartphones using Android.

And now we're hearing that the South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation better known as LG is also developing its own iWatch contender, in addition to a wearable gadget akin to Google's Glass eyewear...

Comic time: Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch

Joy of Tech last month posted a pretty comical take on the iWatch rumors. My favorite bit: it's a walkie-talkie with a direct line to Jony Ive's secret laboratory, Dick Tracy style. Earlier today, they weighed in on the inevitable comparison between the iWatch and Google's Glass. Putting aside for a moment the fact that one is the real product (Glass) while the other is vaporware (at least for now), both are futuristic wearable computers we're supposed to wear on us in public. Check out the comic included past the fold and meet us in comments...

Real-life footage shows what it’s like wearing Google Glass

With speculation of Apple's growing interest in wearable computing and a smartwatch-like gadget the company's reportedly working on, it's worth remembering Google entered the space in a big way with last year's astonishing on-stage demonstration of its Android-driven augmented-reality eyewear, Google Glass. One of CEO Larry Page's moonshot projects, the Glass is still in its infancy, but watchers predict it will become the next big thing in wearable computing.

While only Google developers are allowed to buy the $1,500 sci-fi eyewear, Google is working on mainstreaming the technology in order to get even more people use its services all the time. And in doing so, the search Goliath has released new footage showing what it actually feels wearing the Glass.

In case you were wondering, everything you see has been captured through the Glass...

Poll: which would you rather wear, an Apple iWatch or Google’s Glasses

Silicon Valley giant Google rightfully trusts tech enthusiasts will be falling over themselves to adopt its Android-driven Glasses, going as far to commission a pro to take a series of fashion photographs featuring beautiful, smiling models. Apple, on the other hand (pun intended), is said to be entering the wearable computing space with a smart watch-like gizmo believed to be conceptualized as your most intimate computer yet.

Google's bet is that advanced augmented reality features are enough to talk people into putting up with the unusual glasses dancing on their nose. And if iWatch talk is for real, then Apple must be thinking its users won't have a problem wearing a curved-glass watch around their wrist like some Dict Tracy copycat.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle: some folks will readily adopt these wearable devices and others will wave them off as a function over form. Which brings me to today's poll: if you were forced to choose between the two, which one would you rather wear in public - Google's Glasses or Apple's iWatch?

Is Apple readying answer to Google’s augmented reality head-mounted display?

Wearable computing is coming your way in a big way and will be here to stay, or so would Google have us believe. You must have seen a spectacular demo of the search giant's Minority Report-like wearable computer glasses (if not, I urge you to see the clip right after the break).

Google's strong Project Glass push has given wearable computing lots more credibility, but it might take Apple to mainstream the technology. iShades, anyone?