New hack enables support for iOS push notifications in Google Glass

glass iphone hack

You knew this was coming. Well-known developer Adam Bell has figured out a way to route push notifications from iOS through Google Glass. By design, the pricey accessory—which is only currently available to devs—doesn’t communicate with Apple’s mobile OS.

Bell, known for jailbreak tweaks like Stride and Blackout, is working on a hack that will allow Glass users to receive all app push notifications from their jailbroken iOS devices. It’s not quite finished yet, but he’s just posted a demo video showing the mod in action…

As he explains in the clip, all push notifications are pushed from his iPhone to Google Glass. It’s system-wide, and works with all applications. And you can even swipe between your notifications, using Glass, with the touchpad located on the right side of the glasses.

The hack will initially be for jailbroken devices only, due to limitations in iOS, and will probably hit Cydia in the form of an app or tweak at some point. And Bell says you can also keep an eye out for the project on his GitHub page, if you’d like to do your own digging.

Just remember, you’ll need to have a pair of Google’s $1,500 glasses for it to do you any good.

[via 9to5Mac]