Ford finally rolling out CarPlay starting with 2017 Escape model in May

Car maker Ford said on Friday that a new Escape model is going to officially become its first vehicle with CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Ford’s 2017 Escape puts emphasis on maintaining the quality that made the vehicle an award-winner and the second best-selling Ford product in the United States last year.

In addition to CarPlay and Android Auto, the new Escape also includes a capable driver-assist technology and all-new Sync Connect that supports features like remote start and door locking through the new FordPass platform.

Ford announces CarPlay availability for all Sync 3-equipped 2017 vehicles

CarPlay has slowly gained momentum over the last few years, but 2016 might be the year when it really breaks into the mainstream. That’s because Ford has announced that all of the Sync 3-equipped cars in its 2017 North American lineup will feature CarPlay as an option.

Ford is offering CarPlay as a part of its Sync 3 infotainment package. Sync 3, at least in the current 2016 lineup, is an available add-on, but every new 2017 Sync 3-capable Ford will at least have the option of being equipped with CarPlay.

Spotify gains support for Ford SYNC AppLink

Spotify, the popular Swedish music-streaming startup, on Wednesday refreshed its free iPhone and iPad application with improved music discovery and support for the Ford SYNC AppLink platform.

When browsing albums in Spotify for the iPhone and iPod touch, you can now easily check out more releases from the artist in one tap.

More importantly, owners of Ford vehicles outfitted with the car maker’s proprietary SYNC AppLink platform can now use Spotify in their car.

Amazon’s Cloud Player can now stream songs to Ford’s SYNC AppLink vehicles

Not to be outdone by the popular Swedish streaming music startup Spotify, which a month ago updated its mobile client with support for Ford’s SYNC AppLink platform, the online retail giant Amazon today issued a similar update to its Cloud Player mobile app.

The app integrates with AppLink vehicles so you can control music playback using your voice and the steering wheel buttons.

Other changes new accessibility features via improved support for the iOS VoiceOver features and an “improved experience” when adding songs to a playlist…

Spotify is now compatible with Ford’s SYNC AppLink vehicles

We love Spotify here at iDB as much as the next guy. Personally speaking, I rarely buy music files these days from iTunes and instead choose to pay ten bucks a month to stream my music. And with approximately twenty million songs available for streaming, Spotify pretty much has me covered.

With today’s update, the popular Swedish music startup has become more useful, especially should you happen to listen to music while driving (who doesn’t?) and own a Ford vehicle supporting the company’s SYNC AppLink solution. Just like BMW’s ConnectedDrive Apps platform, the AppLink platform from Ford allows iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices to run approved applications using the car’s steering wheel buttons, radio or voice commands…

Car maker Ford creates remarkably effective password manager app

Being overly paranoid about my passwords, I’ve traditionally resorted to using a bunch of tools to keep my login credentials safe, ranging from brute force solutions that involve keeping passwords in an encrypted text file up in the cloud to pricey utilities such as 1Password.

The problem is, these time-sucking tools involve daily management and require that I adapt my workflow. Wouldn’t it be nice if my Mac could automagically recognize me by way of my iPhone? Enter KeyFree Login, an iPhone app from car maker Ford that puts all password managers to shame with its ubiquity and simplicity. It’s magic, really.

By enabling Bluetooth on both your Mac and iOS device, you’ll be automatically authenticated to Facebook, Twitter and whatever websites you use, each time the two devices are in range, no setup required whatsoever, just by standing next to your computer…