One of the Coolest Fake Apple Stores We’ve Ever Seen

Apple's retail locations have achieved unprecedented success over the last 10 years. They've received numerous architectural design awards and currently average around $4000 in sales per square foot.

As most of you probably know, with success comes imitation. And over the last few months we've seen several fake Apple Stores pop up and consequently get shut down. But out of all the impostors we've seen, this one has to be the coolest...

Unboxing the iPhone 5

Believe it or not, someone is already unboxing the iPhone 5. Chances of it being fake? I'd say 99.9%. But who knows, there's always a slim, little chance.

The video was posted on YouTube by ZAGG, the people that make the InvisibleShield. I highly suspect this video was put up together to get attention. And it worked...

HiPhone 5 Now Available

Why wait for the iPhone 5 when you can get your hands on an HiPhone 5, right now, for a fraction of the price of a real iPhone 5. And where else but China could you get one of those? On a Chinese auction website, of course.

According to Reuters, the HiPhone 5 was made reflecting the upcoming iPhone 5's rumored design features, such as the slimmed-down design and the rounded edges...

iPhone “Spy Shots” Are Easier to Fake Than You Think

It's no secret that posting a purposed "spy shot" of Apple's upcoming smartphone will bring all of the skeptics out of the woodwork. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the photos have a tendency to be a little on the fake side.

Advances in image-editing software have made producing a realistic-looking "leaked photo" extremely easy. How easy? Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo made the above image in under 10 minutes...

Fake iPhone 5 Units Surface, Indicative of Real iPhone 5 Design?

Rumors of an iPhone 5 announcement this Fall have been highly contradictory with each other over the last few weeks. Will it be announced in August? Will it launch in September or October instead?

Well, if you just can't take waiting anymore for Apple to unveil their upcoming smartphone, gizChina might have a temporary solution for you. The gadget blog just came across an interesting counterfeit device modeled after the yet-to-be-announced iPhone...

Fake Apple Stores in China Getting Shut Down

You may have heard about the fake Apple stores uncovered in Kunming, China. Essentially, unauthorized resellers were created identical replicas of Apple retail stores without Apple's permission. As you can see from the picture above, some of them couldn't get the company's name spelled correctly, though.

Now it seems that Chinese officials (and oddly enough not Apple) have gotten word of these fake Apple store operations, and two stores in Kunming, China have already been shut down. We're still waiting for Steve Jobs to pull out the big red button and nuke the rest of these stores off the map...

China is the Land of Fake iPhones and Fake… Apple Stores?

We all know that China is the land of fake iPhones and bootleg tech. One-third of the iPhones in China are jailbroken, and we've seen countless ripoffs and iPhone look-a-likes come from the Asia Pacific region.

But what about physical, brick and mortar ripoffs of the Apple store? Apparently, carbon copy clones of the Apple Store abound in China, and Apple has yet to do anything about them...

FakeLocation: Make Apps Believe You Are Anywhere

In reading through my RSS feeds this morning, I came across a jailbreak app that I couldn't believe hadn't ever covered on iDB. Though FakeLocation has been around for quite some time, it is a useful utility worth reminding folks about.

The package certainly lives up to its name, as it allows you to fake your GPS location for inquiring applications. This means that you can trick apps like Google Latitude into thinking you are located somewhere else...

Watch Out for iPhone and iPad Scams

With so many look-a-likes and scams out there, a person has to be pretty careful when shopping online for an iDevice. Before purchasing any type of high-end electronic device, you always want to ask for the serial number to check and see if it's been stolen, or if it's even real.

The police of Morrow City, Georgia recently apprehended 2 suspects for using a popular website to sell imitation iPhones and empty iPad boxes for cash. The two culprits were picked up last Thursday in the process of selling 2 fake iPhones for a total of $400...

JailbreakMe 3.0 Teaser Image Proved Fake, Exact ETA on iPad 2 Jailbreak Unknown

We apologize if you got excited about the return of JailbreakMe today. A rumor got started this morning that claimed Comex was releasing his iPad 2 jailbreak through JailbreakMe.com this afternoon.

As it turns out, the teaser image (reportedly from Comex's Twitter account) that started this rumor has been proved fake, and we're back to the drawing board in terms of an iPad 2 jailbreak ETA.

Exclusive Preview of iOS 5

WWDC is tomorrow, and Apple is set to unveil the mysterious iOS 5. Well, folks, we've been fortunate enough to stumble across an exclusive preview of what iOS 5 has to offer, and let's just say that it's magical.

We will warn you, this video may cause you to have an uncontrollable craving for milk and cookies...

Can You Tell These Fake and Real iPhones Apart?

We've seen our share of fake iPhones in the past but this is without a doubt the best one ever made. It's so close to the real deal that it is even compatible with Apple's official 30 pin connector and headsets.

Have a good look at the pictures below. I dare you to find out which one is real, and which one is fake. In case you can't figure it out, we'll give you the answer at the bottom of the post...