One of the Coolest Fake Apple Stores We’ve Ever Seen

Apple’s retail locations have achieved unprecedented success over the last 10 years. They’ve received numerous architectural design awards and currently average around $4000 in sales per square foot.

As most of you probably know, with success comes imitation. And over the last few months we’ve seen several fake Apple Stores pop up and consequently get shut down. But out of all the impostors we’ve seen, this one has to be the coolest…

This particular counterfeit Apple shop sits in a gorgeous two-story building in Zhongshan, China. Like the other fakes, it consists of an Apple-inspired decor, loads of Apple products, and several blue-shirted employees bouncing about.

So what makes this impostor so special? Apart from its gorgeous glass-lined building, there is another aspect of this retail store that makes it so unique. The second floor.

After purchasing a new iDevice, customers can take them upstairs to receive one on one service and support. This isn’t your typical Genius Bar though, as employees will help you do anything from jailbreaking to installing cracked apps.

Aside from all of the trademark and copyright laws they’re breaking, the business must be in good shape. MICgadget reports that there are three matching branches in the city of Zhongshan. The site posted a video shot from outside the buildings.


I’m not sure what would draw a person to a non-authentic store like this. Are the products cheaper? I’d be so worried about the product’s reliability. On the other hand, how cool would it be if real Apple Store employees were trained to help with jailbreaking inquiries?