How to create a macOS Ventura volume partition on your Mac

macOS Ventura running on a Mac Studio

This tutorial shows you how to create a separate volume (partition) on your Mac’s internal drive to install macOS Ventura on it.

Using this method, you will have two macOS versions on the same Mac. The first volume will have the macOS you’re currently running (likely macOS Monterey), and the second volume will have macOS Ventura. You will be able to start up your Mac into either one.

How to run Mojave and Catalina on the same Mac

You can run Mojave and Catalina on the same Mac in a dual boot setup and without reformatting or repartitioning your Mac's storage thanks to APFS, the file formatting system that Apple made ubiquitous with Mojave's release. Great if you need to use apps that won't run on Catalina, but still want to use what Catalina has to offer. Here's how.

How to use CoolBooter CLI to dual-boot your device

You may have seen my report on the CoolBooter updates, in which I mentioned that both the app and the command line versions had seen changes. Whilst using the CoolBooter app is self-explanatory and will satisfy the needs of most, it does not currently support iOS 5 as the secondary OS, which may lead some to want to try out the command line utility instead. I will therefore be walking you through using CoolBooter CLI 0.3 to dual-boot your device.

CoolBooter dual-boot utility updated to 1.0b6

CoolBooter, the dual-boot utility for legacy jailbroken iOS devices, saw an update yesterday, as did its CLI version.

The frontend is now at version 1.0 beta 6, whilst the command line interface, which must be run from a Terminal application, reaches version 0.3.

CoolBooter demo: the dual-boot tool for iOS

Developer Jonathan Seals recently released a new piece of work called CoolBooter, an interesting tool which allows some 32-bit devices to dual-boot different iOS firmwares. With a simple reboot it can allow, for example, switching between iOS 6 and iOS 9. Whilst this functionality is commonplace in the desktop computing world, booting multiple operating systems on iOS devices is much rarer.

Sebastien and I talked briefly about the tool on Let's Talk Jailbreak 157, and in this article I'll give some more info, as well as a video demonstration of it in action.