Survey finds that Apple Stores now account for 25% of US iPhone sales

During a summit in San Francisco's Fort Mason on June 27 of this year, Tim Cook spoke to Apple Retail Store leaders about upcoming changes to the company's iPhone marketing tactics. He said he was hoping the changes would help their stores start selling more handsets.

Well here we are, nearly 6 months later, and it looks like the changes have done just that. According to a new survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the amount of iPhones purchased from Apple stores has increased from 20% to 25% over the past several months...

Survey finds iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c attracting fewer early upgraders

Before the iPhone 5s and 5c went on sale this fall, pundits predicted that Apple would have trouble attracting early upgraders with the two handsets. With them featuring few changes from last year's model, the consensus was that most iPhone 5 owners would skip this generation.

And this week, the folks over at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP) have published a report that proves these forecasts accurate. According to their data, just 6% of the folks who have purchased an iPhone 5s or 5c in the last 6 weeks upgraded from an iPhone 5...

Space gray and blue are the most popular colors for iPhone 5s and 5c

This year, Apple is offering the iPhone in more colors than ever before. The iPhone 5s comes in white, space gray and gold, and the iPhone 5c comes in white, pink, yellow, blue and green. That makes for a total of 8 colors—6 more than the handset came in last year.

But according to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP), 2 of the colors are noticeably more popular than the others. For the iPhone 5s, over 40% of customers have purchased the space gray model. And as for the 5c, blue has been the top pick...

Research shows second generation iPad still selling extremely well

During our iPad event roundtable on this week's Let's Talk Jailbreak, we noted how surprised we were to see that Apple is going to continue selling the iPad 2. Why does the company insist on keeping the two year-old tablet around?

The answer, according to marketing research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, is because the device is still selling extremely well. Their data shows that the second-gen iPad made up 22% of Apple's tablet sales this quarter...

iPhone 5s outselling iPhone 5c more than two-to-one

More sales estimates released today indicate the iPhone 5s continues to outsell the iPhone 5c, Apple's other smartphone released in September. Indeed, the iPhone 5s - decked out in fingerprint sensor, new A7 processor and all - accounts for 64 percent of Apple handset sales, flying off shelves more than twice as fast as the more colorful iPhone 5c at 27 percent.

However, will that sales lead last beyond the early demand fueled by first-adopters and other Apple fanatics? Plus, can the two new iPhones perform as well as their iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s counterparts did?

Android a frequent favorite in discount stores – until iPhone 5C arrives

Discount shoppers are more apt to buy an Android smartphone than an Apple iPhone. Indeed, Android handsets are three times as likely to be sold through discounters such as Walmart and Costco than Apple's smartphone, new research indicates. The numbers are just the latest from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), providing insight into where and by whom Apple and Android devices are purchased...

Survey: Apple’s iPhone grabs 3 times as many Samsung owners

A new survey of iPhone and Samsung buyers includes both confirmation of what we suspected, as well as a few surprises. Topping the list: 20 percent of new iPhone owners previously used an Android smartphone, or one out of each five iPhone owners.

The South Korean Android handset wasn't capable of doing much damage to Apple, however - just seven percent of new Samsung owners switched from the iPhone. Overall, Apple does well at retaining iPhone owners, its largest group of buyers having owned a previous version of the smartphone.

For Samsung, its strength is in attracting other Android handset owners and first-time smartphone buyers, according to the survey released Monday...

Older iPhones comprise almost half of Apple’s U.S. handset sales

Apple's iPhone 5 accounts for just over half of the company's smartphone sales, with 48 percent coming from the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, according to new research. That compares to the iPhone 4S which comprised about 75 percent of Apple sales almost a year after launch.

The figures illustrate how a larger portion of Apple's smartphone revenue is being generated by lower-cost iPhone models, a concern for investors heading into Tuesday's third-quarter financial report...

Older iPhones popular with first-time smartphone buyers

Despite Samsung maintaining its smartphone lead, partly thanks to its massive advertising push, and consumers picking up Apple's latest thing in droves, owners of feature phones - the types who'd never owned a smartphone and are looking to upgrade - are increasingly eyeing the iPhone 4 and 4S, a new study has revealed.

Specifically, 75 percent of people buying their first iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S never owned an iPhone before. And once they're in, they tend to stay in the ecosystem, as indicated by another data point: seven out of each ten iPhone 5 buyers are upgrading from another iPhone... 

Most iPhones not sold by Apple Stores

When it comes to sales of Apple products, the much-publicized Apple Stores are like a cruise ship captain: lots of glitz and glamour, but having little connection to the mostly-hidden work which keeps the boat steaming along. That's the view of new research finding Apple's retail partners sold more iPhones than Apple's physical stores...