CES 2014

CES 2014: iPhone glass maker Corning launching new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass

Living tissue on your hands already contains a plethora of germs and more pathogen organisms get picked up whenever you’re in contact with dirty surfaces, which is pretty much all the time. And when you pick up your iPhone and bring it to your ear, these germs get transferred to your face where they enter your immune system through the moist mucous membranes of your eyes, mouth and nose.

Specialty glass maker and primary iPhone cover glass supplier Corning thought of that, too, and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas announced an antimicrobial version of its Gorilla Glass which uses ionic silver to prevent growth of bacteria and other pathogen organisms…

CES 2014: Parrot unveils new iOS-controlled toys: MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo

There’s a flurry of app-enabled toys being announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that’s currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cody already told you about Orbotix’s second-generation Sphero 2B and I myself did a quick post on a smart electric toothbrush that wants to game-fy your dental care.

That’s just scratching the surface as Parrot, the maker of the famous app-controled AR.Drone, has announced an expansion of its product lineup with two new gadgets, the MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo. Read on for the full reveal…

CES 2014: Kolibree unveils world’s first app-enabled wireless toothbrush

Last year’s CES brought us the Hapifork smart fork from Hapilabs and this time around the French startup Kolibree is bringing what appears to be the world’s first app-connected sonic electric toothbrush. Yup, you read that right.

The eyebrow-raising announcement aims for better dental care by game-fying your daily tooth-brushing habits with scores, leaderboards and more.

Designed to “outsmart your dentist,” co-founder Loic Cessot promises his company’s product will “reinvent oral care”. Read on for additional tidbits and a video…

CES 2014: Griffin unveils wireless PowerMate, new KaZoo gadgets, StudioConnect HD and more

Our coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 continues with a slew of new product announcements by the accessory maker Griffin. The company has shown off a wireless variant of its iconic PowerMate knob, the first-ever iPhone protective case with storage for Square’s credit card reader, a multitrack version of the StudioConnect iPad music box and a brand new line of iPad protective cases, including a Papernomad iPad Air case, to name a few.

The Nashville, Tennessee based company has expanded its Kazoo-branded lineup with a matching iPad mini case, a stylus and a wall charger featuring fun animal graphics. There are also new app-controlled car and helicopter toys to check out, along with a range of iDevice cases in a variety of bold prints and colors to accent any style.

The monster breakdown is right below the fold…

CES 2014: Withings unveils new ‘Aura’ smart sleep tracking system

Continuing on with our day one coverage of CES, we have Withings. The France-based consumer electronics company, which made a name for itself with its Wi-Fi body scale, announced a new connected device today called the Aura.
Withings calls the Aura a ‘smart sleep system,’ and says it’s designed to both monitor and positively impact your sleep experience. It does this by leveraging a combination of sensors, ambient lighting, a little science and a mobile app…

CES 2014: Orbotix announces new ‘Sphero 2B’ connected toy

I hope you’re ready to see a flurry of new products and accessories this week. The PR train known as the Consumer Electronics Show is now in full swing, and a number of companies have already made some big announcements.

The Colorado-based Orbotix got in on the early action. The makers of the popular Sphero ball unveiled its latest connected toy: the ‘Sphero 2B.’ This time it’s a cylinder, instead of a ball, and it’s twice as fast as the current Sphero…

CES 2014: SteelSeries announces new wireless gaming controller for iOS 7

During last week’s ‘Let’s Talk iOS’ podcast, we mentioned our disdain for the current crop of iOS 7 game controllers. The current selection consists of just two poorly-reviewed devices, and we said we hoped CES would change that.

And it looks like it’s going to. SteelSeries, a popular maker of both desktop and mobile gaming peripherals, announced this morning that it’s going to use the convention to launch the ‘Stratus,’ the first wireless controller made for iOS 7…

Gearing up for CES 2014: an insider’s outlook

The changing of the calendar year marks the beginning of new technologies. Like the rising and falling sun, CES steadfastly holds the first full week in January for announcements and debuts of tech gear, gadgets, and controlled chaos. In a flurry of excitement, tech leaders from around the globe are descending on Las Vegas, which plays host to the giant 150,000+ attendees exhibition.

Leading to the large turn out, 3,200+ exhibitors crowd every single square inch of the Las Vegas Convention center, where I will survive the next week in a tech related stupor. The convention is a pilgrimage, the life long requirement of anyone who considers themselves versed in the tech world. As a second-year attendee, I have a better understanding of the week’s events and hope to gather new insight for the upcoming year…

Google to demo 4K YouTube streaming at CES via its new royalty-free VP9 codec

Google’s hasn’t enjoyed much success with VP8, a video codec it developed back in 2010 as a H.264 replacement for efficient video streaming. The Chrome browser supports VP8 codec out-of-the-box (so no plug-in required), but Google’s plans for VP8 domination were shattered by literally non-existent support from major industry players.

As a result, VP8 has never gained hardware-acceleration because chip makers opted to stand firmly behind H.264, an industry-standard video codec Apple’s devices support natively and on the silicon level.

At next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Internet giant will be showing off YouTube streaming in a 4K resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 lines via its brand new royalty-free video codec, VP9.

This time around, Google has lined up an impressive list of industry players who will back the new format. Notably absent: a certain fruity company…

CES Scavenger Hunt to utilize Apple’s new iBeacon tech

The Consumer Electronics Association has announced that next week’s CES will feature a promotional scavenger hunt featuring Apple’s new iBeacon technology. The group issued a press release last night explaining how it’s utilizing the tech.

Attendees will use the CES Mobile apps to explore various areas of the conference, and collect badges for each iBeacon they encounter. And the first 3 to collect all of the badges will be rewarded with prizes such as tablets and other gadgets…

Archos previews array of iOS-compatible wearable gadgets and connected home gizmos

Ahead of the looming 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, the French consumer electronics company Archos is previewing an upcoming line of devices and accessories, including ‘Connected Self’ smartwatches and health trackers and various ‘Connected Home’ appliances, all designed to be compatible with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems.

There will also be a Connected Self mobile application to “serve as the backbone application for all connected self devices” allowing folks to track their activity, check their health-related data, turn on the lights, automatically capture video when motion sensors are triggered and lots more. The full breakdown is right past the jump…