Apple once again tops Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking

For the second year in a row, Apple tops Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking, an annual report that analyzes the brand value of the largest corporations in the world. Just like last year, Google scores the second place, right ahead of Coca Cola. Valued at $118.9 billion, Apple increased its brand value by 21%, while Google, valued at $107.43 billion, increased its brand value by 15%.
“Apple and Google’s meteoric rise to more than USD $100 billion is truly a testament to the power of brand building,” said Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer. These leading brands have reached new pinnacles—in terms of both their growth and in the history of Best Global Brands—by creating experiences that are seamless, contextually relevant, and increasingly based around an overarching ecosystem of integrated products and services, both physical and digital.”
For more details, have a look at the 2014 rankings, as well as the methodology used.

Google surpasses Apple as world’s most valuable brand in latest study

It seems like every couple of weeks, a new study comes out telling us who the most valuable brand in the world is based on various metrics. The winner changes from time to time, but I’d guess more times than not in recent years, it’s been Apple.

That’s not that case, however in the latest study. Marketing research firm Millward Brown is out with its annual BrandZ study this morning, and after sitting at the top for 3 years in a row, the iPad-maker has been usurped by Google for the #1 spot…

Apple named most valuable ‘billion dollar brand’ in the US

A new report was released yesterday by brand consulting agency Brand Finance, naming the top “billion dollar brands” in the United States. The list was compiled estimating the royalty rate that would be charged to use a company’s brand and combing that with expected future revenue.

Unsurprisingly, Apple was ranked number one by a long shot, with a value of $104.7 billion. The iPad-maker is the most valuable company in the world in terms of market cap, and has taken the top spot several times in other brand value lists. Google came in second place at $68.6 billion…

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is now OneDrive

Microsoft’s multi-platform cloud storage service SkyDrive has just been rechristened and shall be known henceforth as OneDrive. The rebranding comes following last June’s ruling in a trademark case involving Microsoft and British TV broadcaster BSkyB.

As the television broadcaster trademarked the term ‘Sky,’ the court ordered that Microsoft concede the ‘SkyDrive’ trademark to BSkyB.

One of the largest pay-TV providers in Europe, BSkyB offers video streaming and has its own online storage service called Sky Store & Share…

Apple surpasses Coca-Cola to become world’s most valuable brand

Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola as the new most valuable brand in the world, according to a new report from brand consulting firm Interbrand. The move puts an end to the beverage company’s 13-year reign as #1.

The firm calculates that the Apple brand is worth in upwards of $100 billion. And it says that its ‘ethos’ played a big factor in why the iPad-maker was able to beat out other tech companies like Google and Samsung…

Apple wins ‘Brand of the Year’ for computers, smartphones and tablets

Apple may be losing smartphone and tablet marketshare, but it’s still the top brand in those categories. This, according to data from a recent US-based study on consumer brand perception by Marketing research firm Harris Interactive.

The firm polled some 38,000 Americans regarding their perceptions of their favorite brands, and Apple came out on top in 3 categories. As a result, Harris named the company the ‘brand of the year’ for smartphones, tablets and computers…

Apple and Google are no longer America’s hottest brands

Quick, name the two hottest brands in the United States. If you picked Apple and Google you’d be wrong.

Although the iPhone maker and Android creator dominate the smartphone industry, the companies have dropped from the list of hot brand names.

By contrast, Amazon and YouTube made the current list of the top 10 hottest US brands for mid-year 2013. In another surprise, basement-dwelling BlackBerry was named the most-improved technology brand – thanks to the new Z10…

Apple remains most valuable brand

You might have thought all the punishment Apple has taken on Wall Street would show up in how consumers view the company’s brand – and you’d be wrong. A new survey again ranks Apple as the most valuable brand, easily outdistancing its arch rival Google. Indeed, Apple is still seen as the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to brands, according to market research firm Millward Brown…

If Apple loyalty holds up, iPhone will surpass Android in U.S. market share by 2015

Whenever I stumble upon a survey predicting that Apple’s iPhone will loose traction to not just Android, but Windows Phone as well, my blood starts to boil in my veins.

And just like clockwork, you can count on the likes of IDC and Gartner to come out of the woodwork every now and then with wild predictions of the iPhone’s demise by 2015, 2016 or 2017.

History has taught me to take such long-term predictions with a healthy dose of skepticism, even more so if data comes from big name firms whose crystal ball peering is based on “polls” that sample a few hundred random people, at best.

With that in mind, here’s a survey that paints a rather rosy future for the Apple smartphone. Noting that Android is actually losing one out of every six customers to other phone vendors, Yankee Group ran their spreadsheets and determined that Apple will surpass Android in U.S. market share by 2015, provided Apple brand loyalty numbers hold up in the coming years…

Is Apple losing its coolness edge to Microsoft and Android?

In the contest for coolness, the amorphous concept potentially driving young consumers to smartphones, tablets and other devices, Apple has some competition. While the iPhone maker is seen as cooler now than previously by 60 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds, even more people point to Android as the king of cool.

Even more surprising is Microsoft apparently isn’t your father’s software giant. The Windows maker – long viewed as buttoned-down and behind the technology curve – has revamped its image, thanks largely to the firm’s smartphone and Surface tablet…

Despite financial roller-coaster, Apple brand value tops Samsung

It’s hard to describe a company worth billions as ‘scrappy,’ but that’s the image Apple has gained recently. To emphasize the point, a brand rating service Monday announced the iPad and iPhone maker was able to top rival Samsung despite a string of financial and competitive reversals. Apple’s brand value rose to $87 billion, up from $70 billion.

And according to Brand Finance, the Cupertino, California company also saw its brand rating slip from AAA+ to AAA. In addition, Ferrari – not Apple – was named the word’s most powerful brand…

Samsung to re-brand itself at CES 2013

It is no secret that the Samsung logo along with its brand appearance isn’t the best fit to convey the South Korean conglomerate’s many business. Samsung makes refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, smartphones, tablets, networked TV sets, computers and many more items. It’s also a big player in construction, weapons tech, life insurance, advertising and theme park industries, to name a few.

The word on the street is that the company will launch a new brand image at CES 2013 and has enlisted the talent of Scott Bedbury, a freelance brand consultant who has also worked with Starbucks and is now reportedly tasked with creating a “more vibrant International brand image alongside the likes of arch rival Apple”…