Apple at the Top of Customer Satisfaction Surveys Once Again

A recent survey of 70,000 US consumers by the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows that Apple is once again holding a comfortable lead in customer satisfaction over other computer OEMs.

This won’t come as a surprise if you’re a Mac owner. Having made a complete switch from PC to Mac myself over a year ago, I can’t even fathom the idea of ever owning a PC again…

Girl Scouts Will Use the iPhone To Sell Their Irresistible Cookies

In the latest random news, the Girl Scouts are going tech-savvy. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio will now be swooning you out of your money with Intuit’s GoPayment app for iPhone and Android.

Credit cards and cookies seem to be the winning recipe for the Girl Scouts. The next time a scout knocks on your front door, hide your credit card. There’s no telling how much one would be willing to pay for some Thin Mints when the credit card is an option for payment.

Must Watch: Steve Jobs Talks About Branding

I think this is a must-watch video of Steve Jobs talking about branding and where Apple should stand. I’m not sure when this video was recorded, but I’m glad Steve didn’t do about speech about clothing. I mean look at these shorts, man, that’s wild! At any rates, this is the essence of Apple.