Apple overtakes Samsung as China’s top mobile brand in awareness and loyalty


Zooming past its biggest rival Samsung, Apple has officially emerged as China’s #1 mobile brand in both awareness and loyalty, according to the latest consumer survey conducted by the China Brand Research Center’s.

The research firm’s 2014 China Brand Power Index polled a whopping 13,500 Chinese across 30 cities, aged 15 to 60, from August 2013 to January 2014.

According to CNET, Samsung’s focus on market share rather than customer satisfaction and loyalty has contributed to its fall from the top spot it had previously held in China since 2012.

“If companies are focusing too much on market share, while ignoring the concerns of consumers, it will cause a problem in brand management,” the Research Center said.

Despite growing 24.6 points from 2013 to 566.6 points, Samsung couldn’t stop Apple from taking the top spot. The iPhone maker scored 568.5 points in the mobile rankings.

The Suwon, Korea-based conglomerate is still the leading brand in China in terms of color TVs and monitors, while its digital cameras, digital video cameras and laptops ranked third.

Apple in its most recent earnings report revealed plans to open 25 new retail stores in the 1.4 billion people country within the next two years.