Apple board member says Steve Jobs wanted to design an iCar

Fast Company highlights some interesting comments made by Apple board member, and J. Crew head, Mickey Drexler at the recent Innovation Uncensored conference. Drexler talked about all things Apple, including its late CEO Steve Jobs.

According to him, Jobs’ desire to rethink industries didn’t stop at computers, smartphones and other consumer electronics. Apparently he also wanted to reinvent the automotive industry as well. That’s right, Jobs’ wanted to build an iCar…

Interesting Apple steering wheel remote patent surfaces

PatentlyApple points to a number of newly-granted patents published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office with Apple’s name on them. And out of the 20 or so filings, there’s one particular invention that stands out.

The patent describes an in-vehicle remote control with what appears to be a clickwheel-esque interface. It attaches to the steering wheel and can control an iPod, iPhone or other device. Keep reading for more details…

Why is Apple hiring automotive engineers in China?

Earlier this week we talked about the possibility of Apple entering other markets to keep up its ridiculous growth pace. There’s only so far the company’s current iPhone and iPad products can take it before sales start to plateau.

When we mentioned the idea, we had no clue that the automotive industry was on Apple’s list of potential new markets. But according to a recent job listing, the Mac-makers are in search of an automotive engineer for an undisclosed project…

Use Your iPhone to Control Appliances Without Breaking the Bank

There are several home automation solutions on the market right now that work with your iPhone. In conjunction with web-based control servers, you can use the handset to operate anything from your lights to your thermostat.

But price and complexity has always kept the technology out of the reach of the average consumer. So ZMote decided to come up with an easy to use, affordable solution. Introducing the Bluetooth Smart Cord….

New Bentley Concept Includes iPads and Other Apple Gear

Recognize the gorgeous interior featured in the photo above? It’s the backseat of a new concept car from world-renowned luxury car-maker Bentley. The interior concept garnered a lot of oohs and ahs at last week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Why are we so interested in the vehicle? This isn’t your ordinary Bentley (is there such a thing?). Built into the backs of both front seats are two iPads, with bluetooth keyboards. The car also features an iPod touch and a host of other Apple gear…

Park4U Lets You Use Your iPhone to Park Your Car Remotely

Remember a few years ago when self-parking cars were all the rage? It seems that the novelty has worn off (and lawsuits have ensued), as we haven’t seen many car-makers touting the feature as of late.

Enter Park4U. The assisted-parking system by Valeo uses several sensors and other components to help drivers squeeze their vehicles into even the tightest parking spots, without ever needing to touch the wheel…

How to Enable Automatic Downloads in iTunes 10.3

Although the average consumer has to wait a month or more to get their paws on the new Mac operating system, and twice that long for iOS 5, there is one cool new feature Apple unveiled this week that users can take advantage of right away.

The iDevice community all let out a synchronous sigh of relief on Monday as Apple announced the new Automatic Download feature for iTunes and iDevices. While there are some limitations, the feature can help you cut the cord between your iPhone and your computer.

The built-in utility instantly recognizes when you download media on an iDevice or desktop, and automatically pushes that media out to your other devices. Once enabled, any app, song or iBook title you download on one device, will automatically push out to your other gadgets.

Essentially, any iDevice with iOS 4.3.3 or computer with the latest version of iTunes qualifies for the new feature, as long as they are all using a common iTunes account. It doesn’t take much to turn on Automatic Downloads and it can be a real timesaver. Check out this quick tutorial:

ConnectedDrive Brings Your iPhone and Car Closer Than Ever Before

Many car makers have been looking at integrating smartphones with their latest vehicle models. Just look at the mobile application for the Chevy Volt. The app allows you to unlock and start your car via your smartphone.

Other companies, like BMW, are trying to push the integration even further. While cars have offered iPod interfaces and hands-free systems for quite some time now, they’ve never compared to what the german car maker has been working on with their ConnectedDrive…

‘ManualCorrect Pro’ Adds More Options to Maneuver Around Auto Correct’s Blunders

Oh auto correct, how we all do loathe thee.

A couple of months ago I walked you through a jailbreak tweak entitled ManualCorrect — a tweak that aimed to tame the iPhone’s native auto correct and make it functional.

The tweak was met by rave reviews by yours truly, and even garnered a few votes on Nick’s Top Five Jailbreak Apps post.

Now a new version of the tweak — ManualCorrect Pro — has been unveiled that seeks to further subdue the iPhone’s nefarious auto correction; but is it worth paying for?