Apple board member says Steve Jobs wanted to design an iCar

Fast Company highlights some interesting comments made by Apple board member, and J. Crew head, Mickey Drexler at the recent Innovation Uncensored conference. Drexler talked about all things Apple, including its late CEO Steve Jobs.

According to him, Jobs’ desire to rethink industries didn’t stop at computers, smartphones and other consumer electronics. Apparently he also wanted to reinvent the automotive industry as well. That’s right, Jobs’ wanted to build an iCar…

“Look at the car industry; it’s a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars?” Drexler said. “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.” “And,” Drexler added with a coy smile, “it would’ve been probably 50% of the market. He never did design it.”

While no evidence of an iCar has ever surfaced, you have to wonder what Jobs — the guy behind products like the iPhone and the iPad — had in mind for an Apple-branded automobile. Would it have been a convertible? A sedan? A coupe?

It’d sure be interesting to peek inside his sketchbook.

Drexler also mentioned something about Apple’s plans for this year, saying “You know, Apple has 10 products. The living room they’re dealing with at some point in the near future.” Could he have been referring to the often-rumored Apple TV?

Who knows at this point. As we’ve said before, despite constant rumors and speculation, there really isn’t any evidence that Apple is making a full-sized television. No reports of mass oversized-display panel orders, TV parts, nothing.

Besides, the real story hear is that Steve Jobs, at one point or another, told some folks he’d like Apple to design a car. And even if such a product never materializes, it’s fun to speculate what such a vehicle would’ve looked like.

What do you think?