Park4U Lets You Use Your iPhone to Park Your Car Remotely

Remember a few years ago when self-parking cars were all the rage? It seems that the novelty has worn off (and lawsuits have ensued), as we haven’t seen many car-makers touting the feature as of late.

Enter Park4U. The assisted-parking system by Valeo uses several sensors and other components to help drivers squeeze their vehicles into even the tightest parking spots, without ever needing to touch the wheel…

But what’s cooler than a car that parks itself? A car that parks itself without you in it. Like most things these days, the Park4U system is getting its own iPhone app, which will allow you to park your car remotely.

Don’t get too excited though, the app won’t let users steer the vehicle. Park4U’s software will only allow users to remotely accelerate and apply the breaks, and it will only work if the the car is in Assisted Parking mode.

As aforementioned, the system works using multiple distance-sensors. If the car gets too close to an object, it stops itself. The user then applies the gas to pull forward so the vehicle can realign, and try again. It can even parellel park!


Valeo’s system is currently available in several Volkswagen-group models, including the Touran, Sharan, and Audi’s A6 and A7. And according to 9to5Mac, the technology is also scattered about late-model Ford and Lincoln vehicles as well.

There’s no indication of when the app will be available, but judging by the above demo, it can’t be too far off. So now that there are apps to remotely start and park our vehicles, we just need someone to make one that drives them for us.

What do you think? Is this a game changer, or a lawsuit waiting to happen?