Apple Support

How to chat live with Apple Support on the web or your device

Chat live with Apple Support from iPhone or computer

Apple offers a support site to help answer your questions. Whether it's for a problem with your device, subscription, or service plan, most times, you can find answers without the need for a real person. But if your question cannot be answered or falls outside of those you see on the support site, it might be time for a chat.

You can chat live with Apple Support by navigating to a particular spot on the website or using the Apple Support app. Here's how.

Is the App Store down? Is iCloud down? How to check Apple system status

Cannot Connect to App Store on iPad

You’re preparing to download that awesome new game from the App Store, latest album from your favorite artist on Apple Music, or open a work file on iCloud and suddenly you can’t access what you need.

Is the App Store down? Is there a problem with Apple Music? Is iCloud down? Rather than scrambling to get in touch with friends or coworkers to ask if they’re having trouble too, you can just head to one simple place.

Here’s how to check statuses of all Apple systems.