Anki Overdrive announced with modular track pieces, new cars and more

Following the success of Anki Drive, a slot car racing game which made its debut on stage at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in the summer of 2013, Tuesday the company announced  the Anki Overdrive ahead of the next week's New York Toy Fair show. Anki Overdrive is an improved version of Drive with brand new cars, customizable tracks and more.

Anki Drive app updated with new weapons, support items and more

Folks who received the Anki Drive for Christmas this year will be happy to hear that the companion app has received a major update today. The new version, which is marked as version 2.1.0, adds an expanded upgrade system, new weapons and much more.

The new weapons include an EMP gun, which lets you shoot other cars as they race along the track, and the new support items include reverse drive, horn and kinetic brake. The update also features other improvements, such as smarter AI and faster upgrades...

$199 Anki Drive now available in Apple Stores

At the September double iPhone keynote, Apple's boss Tim Cook invited guys from Anki up on stage to show off their new innovative game-slash-accessory, Anki Drive, basically an iPhone-controlled system comprised of miniature self-driving cars that race around a vinyl race track.

The successful presentation wowed the audience and the robotics company said shortly after that Anki would launch later in October. And as of yesterday, the Anki Drive is available from the Apple Store for a cool $199...

Anki Drive iPhone-controlled cars launching October 23 for $199

During Apple's WWDC keynote this summer, Tim Cook called a couple of guys from Anki up on stage to show off their new iOS accessory/game called 'Anki Drive.'

Anki Drive is essentially a set of self-controlled, iOS-connected vehicles that race around a vinyl race track. The company describes it as a "video game in the real world."

Although the demo failed initially, folks were impressed by the Anki Drive cars. And many will be happy to hear that they'll finally be available for purchase next week...