Maple 2 brings configurable AirPower-like charging aesthetics to iOS 13

Before Apple abandoned its plan to release a first-party all-in-one wireless charging station slated to be called AirPower, the company also showed off some rather appealing charging banners and animations to accompany it. Sadly, those quirky bells and whistles died with AirPower, and Apple never bothered to enable them for other Qi-enabled wireless charging solutions.

Jailbreakers don’t have to do without, however. Maple 2 is a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer LaughingQuoll that brings these fantastic charging features to pwned iOS 13 devices, and even better, the tweak can be customized more profoundly than Apple ever would have permitted out of the box in a native implementation.

Maple brings the AirPower charging interface to your jailbroken iPhone

Apple may have officially canceled its AirPower concept due to manufacturing difficulties, but that doesn’t mean that jailbreakers can’t enjoy an AirPower-like experience when charging their multitude of Apple devices.

iOS developer LaughingQuoll has released Maple, a new jailbreak tweak that displays all actively-charging devices connected to your handset as individual AirPower-style banners on the Lock screen.

Nomad’s Base Station Apple Watch Edition is the AirPower Apple won’t release

After Apple first teased AirPower all the way back in 2017, many companies came forward with their own version of the now stillborn product.

We’ve all seen our fair share of AirPower-like devices that may or may not launch on Kickstarter, or those already available at a suspiciously low price, but there is no real product out there that can claim to be the “AirPower Apple won’t release”.