Nomad’s Base Station Apple Watch Edition is the AirPower Apple won’t release

After Apple first teased AirPower all the way back in 2017, many companies came forward with their own version of the now stillborn product.

We’ve all seen our fair share of AirPower-like devices that may or may not launch on Kickstarter, or those already available at a suspiciously low price, but there is no real product out there that can claim to be the “AirPower Apple won’t release”. 

Well actually, there was not, because we now have Nomad’s Base Station Apple Watch Edition: a wireless charging pad that can charge up to 3 devices at once, including of course your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods.

Base Station Apple Watch Edition review

I feel like Nomad needs no introduction, especially on this blog where every editor is unapologetically a fan of the beautiful design and high-quality materials used in the company’s many products, including their Apple Watch bands, iPhone cases, and other accessories. This accessory is no exception.

Nomad’s Base Station Apple Watch Edition actually launched months ago, but it is only recently that the company was able to finally catch up with demand and stock up inventory. During that time, I’ve been using the Base Station every single day to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. 

Elegant and simple design is Nomad’s trademark

Just like all other Nomad accessories the Base Station has a clean and simple design. Not minimalistic to a fault, but definitely not one that cries for attention. 

Composed of an aircraft grade aluminum body with a gunmetal gray finish, the charging station is topped by a padded leather surface with a soft finish. It definitely has a premium feel all around.

Premium design meets premium features 

There is an MFi-certified Magnetic Apple Watch charger fully integrated into the design, which means that you won’t need to provide your own charging puck, something that is infrequent for this type of accessory. This of course works great for using your watch in Nightstand Mode.

On the inside, three Qi-certified coils delivering 7.5W each, allowing for multiple charging orientations. If this configuration makes it somewhat forgiving when laying your phone on the station, you’ll still have to make sure your iPhone is centered on one of the coils.

On the front are three LEDs that selectively light up depending on what coil is active. Amber LED means your device is charging. White LED means it is fully charged. I know how we all feel about lights on a device that is mostly used on a bedside table, but Nomad thought it all through. The company added an ambient light sensor that dims LED’s at night. Brilliant (no pun intended)!

On top of the charging cable included, the Base Station also ships with a UK and EU adapter. While this was clearly done to prevent carrying different SKUs for the product, it is an added benefit for someone like me who travels quite a bit internationally. As a result, whether I’m in France or in the US, I can easily plug the Base Station using one of the included adapters.

Most likely the best multi-device charging pad available

We’ll never know how great AirPower could have been, but what I know is that the Nomad’s Base Station Apple Watch Edition is currently your best option if you are looking for a single unit that can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. 

Available for $139 on Nomad’s website, this clearly isn’t an inexpensive accessory, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, you get a well-made and carefully thought-through charging pad that should last you for years to come. As an additional bonus, you get to declutter your nightstand!

Nomad also makes similar pads that don’t include the Apple Watch charger: Base Station is available for $99, and Base Station Walnut Edition is available for $124.

If this Base Station Apple Watch Edition review didn’t convince you this is the accessory any Apple die-hard needs, then by any means, wait a little longer for Apple to maybe revive AirPower.

  • Base Station Apple Watch Edition – $139
  • Base Station Walnut Edition – $124
  • Base Station – $99