Apple reports Q1 2019 revenue of $84.3B

Apple on Tuesday disclosed its [fiscal] Q1 2019 earnings report, offering a look at its performance over the past 3 months. During the holiday period, the company says it pulled in $84.3B in revenue, a decline of 5% from the year-ago quarter.

Apple has never been more valuable

Apple just notched a new market cap record. As the company's shares opened at a price of $149.06 per share on Monday, its market capitalization increased to a cool $776.60 billion. In other words, the iPhone maker just broke its own record after setting a market-cap peak in February 2015 at $774.7 billion.

As per The Wall Street Journal, Apple's stock has set record highs 17 times since February.

Shares of Apple rose 3.7 percent last week after the Cupertino firm reported earnings that were in line with Wall Street expectations and company forecasts. The most recent jump in Apple's stock price has pushed the company's valuation on Wall Street to $776.60 billion at Friday’s close, a new record for Tim Cook & Co.

The previous high for Apple’s market value was $774.7 billion in February 2015.

At the time of writing, the company's stock was trading above $150 for the first time ever—that's after factoring in a 7-for-1 split in 2014. At $151.62 per share, the company's market capitalization was about $790.6 billion this morning.

In a note distributed to clients Monday, Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White set his Apple price target to $202 per share from $185. Were $AAPL to hit $202 per share, its market capitalization would be valued at $1.053 trillion.

Apple's stock is up 29 percent this year. According to public records on the Apple Investor website, the company has 5.213 billion shares outstanding.

Will Apple become the world's first trillion dollar company?

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Apple’s stock surges to its highest price ever amid growing optimism over iPhone 8

Apple is breaking records—the company's stock price has surged to an all-time intraday high, trading as high as $134.88 today and having surpassed the previous all-time intraday high of $134.54 set on April 28, 2015. The current stock price gives the Cupertino company a market capitalization of nearly $710 billion, the largest market valuation for a publicly traded American company.

According to MarketWatch, just yesterday the stock had closed at a record $133.00, passing the previous record set two years earlier.

Why Apple shouldn’t pass on the rumored Jet White iPhone 7

On Tuesday, Apple afficionados were treated to a new wave of white shell iPhone 7 mock-ups and purported leaks hitting the internet, advancing the notion that the Cupertino-based company could plan to release a white counterpart to their Jet Black coating some time around March 2017.

From an aesthetic standpoint, everyone is going to have their two cents on the necessity of it in the grand scheme of things. Simply by moving the discussion from the fashion sphere to the finance department though, the ambivalence in regard to whether or not this iPhone release is genuinely necessary quickly crumbles and clearly comes down on one side of the fence.

As we will learn in late January, Apple’s first quarter of the fiscal year 2017 is going to look after itself nicely, but in view of the Q2 figures and a long summer following, Jet White definitely needs to happen. Two key reasons must be paid attention to in order to understand the imperative of a Jet White iPhone for a healthier bottom line in the fiscal year of 2017.

Apple to replace AT&T on the Dow on March 18

Apple of California will replace AT&T in the Dow Jones Industrial Average after the close of trading on March 18, Reuters reported this morning. The famed Dow Jones Industrial Average is indicative of the overall market health so Apple joining and replacing the nation's second-largest carrier on the index is certainly an encouraging sign for the economy.

Because the Dow is a weighted average of absolute stock price (unlike other indices), Apple was unable to join the Dow until its seven-to-one stock split, which took place in June of last year.

AAPL passes 700 billion in market value

Apple's market capitalization has hit a new milestone, going up 0.8 percent shortly after the market opened Tuesday morning and reaching a market value of nearly $702 billion, higher than any U.S. company in history. By comparison, its previous record market capitalization hit $658 billion in September 2012.

The stock has been rising steadily over the past few months and has picked up speed after the company posted record opening weekend sales for the new iPhones in September and investors reacted positively to the Apple Watch and other new products Tim Cook & Co. unloaded as part of the massive Fall product refresh.

Apple predicted to sell 36.5 million iPhones in June quarter

Apple is poised to have another record-breaking quarter for iPhone sales, if a new prediction proves to be true. According to Wells Fargo Securities analyst Maynard Um, the addition of new carriers and several promotions will help drive iPhone sales to 36.5 million for the June quarter. Um predicts that Apple will have quarterly revenue of $38.2 billion, beating the Wall Street prediction of $37.9 million… 

AAPL splits 7 to 1

As promised during Apple's most recent earnings call, the Cupertino, California headquartered consumer electronics powerhouse is set to open on Monday at $92.22 a share as the company puts forth its plan to split stock, its fourth stock split to date.

All common stock owners will receive six additional shares for each share in existence. As a result, the value of each individual share will drop accordingly, but the value of their total holdings will not. Read on for the full reveal...