AAPL to report March quarter earnings July 30

Apple announced today on its Investor Relations website that it will be reporting its third fiscal quarter earnings (which corresponds with the second calendar quarter) on Thursday, July 30.

AAPL in the age of the coronavirus

This is going to be one of those earnings reports that AAPL investors are going to want to scrutinize heavily in order to figure out the precise extent of the coronavirus crisis on AAPL earnings in the three-month period ended June 30. Many of Apple’s stores around the world shuttered back in May in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. While most of these international stores have re-opened since, the company has been re-closing dozens of its domestic stores lately due the relentless virus spread in the United States.

There’s no question that demand for Apple products has been negatively impacted because the coronavirus has not only affected the company’s global supply chain but also prompted many consumers to re-evaluate their spending in these economically challenging times.

An Apple store in the age of the coronavirus

Apple in February 2020 warned investors that it wouldn’t meet its revenue guidance forecast between $63-$67 billion for the March quarter as the novel coronavirus had just stared to paralyze the world and slow down the global economy. Tim Cook & Co. didn’t offer any guidance for the June quarter due to too many uncertainties stemming from the global health situation, and they may decide to do so again in terms of guidance for the September quarter.

Like we do every quarter, we will be covering Apple’s upcoming earnings here on iDownloadBlog and provide you with a list of interesting tidbits Apple’s executives usually drop from time to time during their chat with Silicon Valley investors and analysts.

Conference call webcast

A conference call to discuss Apple’s June quarter results is scheduled for Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET. If history is an indication, Apple’s press release announcing quarterly earnings will go live half an hour earlier.

The live conference call stream requires an iOS device with iOS 10 or later and Safari; a Mac computer using Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later; or a PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Streaming to the Apple TV set-top box is possible via the AirPlay feature and requires a second-generation or newer Apple TV with the latest software. Other platforms can access the stream using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox (MSE, H.264 and AAC required).

Your two cents

What are your expectations from Apple’s upcoming earnings report? And while we’re at it, are you an investor in AAPL?

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