Image of claimed next-gen iPhone logic board shows A6 processor

Over the past few months, we’ve seen just about enough next-gen iPhone parts to… build a next-gen iPhone. We’ve seen fronts and backs, and batteries, and charging ports — pretty much everything except the processor. Until today.

A new image has surfaced this morning of what is said to be the logic board of Apple’s sixth-generation handset. And, if legitimate, it confirms that the smartphone will house the long-rumored quad-core A6 processor…

Rumor: next iPhone to feature quad-core processor

The iPhone is widely expected to get a major upgrade this fall. Not only is the handset’s current form factor more than two years old, but the competition is really heating up with handsets like Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Some of the upcoming smartphone’s rumored features include a larger, 4-inch display, a redesigned casing, and LTE compatibility. But what about the processor? According to a new report, it’s going to be quad-core…

Report: TSMC has a “good chance” of winning Apple’s chip biz in 2014

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has long been rumored to become an alternative supplier for Apple-designed processors powering iOS devices. However, yield issues and manufacturing difficulties with the foundry’s 20-nanometer process pushed back those plans.

Meanwhile, Samsung continues to make the Ax-series of processors for the latest iPhone and iPad. Per chatter from Asian supply chain, TSMC is working hard to ramp up 20-nanometer production “ahead of schedule”, apparently in a bid to win over Apple’s chip business from Samsung by 2014…

iOS 5.1 Hints at New iDevices With Quad Core Processors

With an iPad 3 announcement expected sometime within the next two months, we’ve seen an increase in gossip surrounding the tablet. Will it feature better cameras, a retina display, a faster processor, or all three?

Well it seems that evidence of the latter has just been uncovered in the latest version of iOS. The folks over at 9to5Mac are reporting that they’ve uncovered A6 quad-core processor references in the beta release of iOS 5.1…

Rumor: Apple Preparing $299 iPad With A6 Processor

Taiwanese publication Digitimes is reporting again today that Apple is planning two iPad models, with the low-end version starting at only $299. Both iPads will reportedly boast the new A6 processor and will be differentiated by their screen resolutions.
Sources from Apple’s supply chain have claimed that there will be two versions of the new iPad, one targeting the high-end segment and the other the mid-range. Digitimes Research believe the two new iPad models will both be equipped the A6 processor with high-end model coming with a high resolution panel (2048×1536) and the mid-tier model featuring the same grade of panel as iPad 2 (1024×768).
In my opinion, it makes more sense for Apple to drop the price of the current iPad 2 to $299 and introduce the next-generation model at $499. The idea of Apple releasing two new iPads at once seems a little ridiculous.

Apple Sticks With Samsung for A6 Chip Production

Despite the ongoing legal battles going on around the world between Apple and Samsung, it seems that the firm from Cupertino has decided to stick with the Korean electronics giant for the production of its upcoming A6 chip.

According to Korea Times’ informers, the chip will be manufactured in Samsung’s plant in Texas…

Apple Working With Quad-Core Processors for Next-Generation iDevices?

Even with all of the confusion surrounding Apple’s iPhone announcement this year, there are two things we know for certain. The device is going to include a faster processor (presumably the A5 found in the iPad 2), and a better camera.

While we don’t know much about the camera just yet, we do have a pretty good idea of what the A5 is capable of. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Apple tout the next iPhone as the fastest in the industry. And they’re already working on making it faster….

Will Apple Drop Samsung for A6 Production in 2012?

After a number of recent squabbles with Samsung, it seems Apple may be looking to distance itself from the company and move production of its ‘A6’ ARM processor to another chipmaker.

In a report published today, Ars Technica cites “numerous sources in the semiconductor industry” who claim Apple is likely to approach Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to build the next-generation of its mobile processor in 2012 as the company aims to step away from its current partnerships with Samsung…