Rumor: next iPhone to feature quad-core processor

The iPhone is widely expected to get a major upgrade this fall. Not only is the handset’s current form factor more than two years old, but the competition is really heating up with handsets like Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Some of the upcoming smartphone’s rumored features include a larger, 4-inch display, a redesigned casing, and LTE compatibility. But what about the processor? According to a new report, it’s going to be quad-core…

Citing “industry sources,” the somewhat-reliable DigiTimes reports:

“Additionally, Apple is also expected to release its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core processor in the second half, heating up competition in the segment, commented the sources.”

The iPad 3 uses the A5X processor, which Apple touts as a quad-core chip. But it actually only has a dual-core CPU. Samsung’s Exynos 4, however, is actually a quad-core processor — the same one Samsung uses in its Galaxy S III.

Considering the size of the upgrade, it’s possible that the new processor could come with the long-awaited ‘A6’ badge, a chip that Apple has been rumored to be working on for quite some time.

Of course, we don’t have to tell you how sketchy DigiTimes’ reporting can be. So this is all still speculation at this point. But we wouldn’t be surprised to see a quad-core processor turn up this fall.

With good-looking offerings coming out of both Microsoft and Google this fall, Apple certainly has some high expectations to live up to with its next iPhone.