Sébastien Page

Sebastien is the Founder and Editor in Chief of iDB. Once a BlackBerry user, Sebastien instantly fell in love with the iPhone when it was first announced in 2007. Shortly after, he decided to start sharing his knowledge of iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking, which led to the creation of this blog. Sebastien currently owns 7 iPhones, 4 iPads, an iMac, a MacBook Air, and 2 Apple TVs. When he's not surfing the web, you can usually find Sebastien surfing the waves of Southern California, or traveling the world with his wife Tina and his daughter Chloé. You can find Sebastien on Twitter, Google+, and App.net. You can also email him at seb [at] idownloadblog.com.

Downtime: 392: Spring Loaded Event Fantasy Draft

It’s Fantasy Draft time again! With Apple’s Spring Loaded event coming up, Sebastien and Cody play out their favorite game where they try to guess what Apple will unveil including new iPads, Macs, AirTags and more. It’s fun and competitive, and listeners can even join in and make their own picks. You don’t want to miss this!

Downtime 391: Mister Poignant

The co-hosts talk about Sebastien’s Tesla test drive experience and Cody’s big Top Shot hit. The pair also discusses this week’s strange HomePod/Apple TV/Camera rumors, new games in Apple Arcade,  and the new Find My network accessory program. Finally, they answer questions from listeners about Apple Watch and iPad.

Downtime #390: Another one bites the dust

Your favorite co-hosts Sebastien and Cody run down last week’s major tech headlines including LG shutting down its smartphone business and Apple announcing WWDC. The pair also talk Apple TV remote, and rumors of Apple’s mixed reality headset. And of course, so now famous listeners' Q&A.

Downtime podcast #387: In loving memory of the HomePod

Sebastien and Cody discuss the wild ride of last week’s AirPods 3 rumors and give their thoughts on talk of a bigger iPhone battery. The pair also talk about Apple discontinuing the original HomePod and what that means for the fledgling smart speaker line. Finally, they answer listeners' questions.

How I use my HomePods

I am not an audiophile, and neither do I play one on the internet. I can’t describe what good sound is, but I can certainly tell bad sound when I hear it. From the get-go, HomePod checked a bunch of boxes for me. It sounded better than my previous bulky and expensive 5.1 surround sound system, it was easier to use, and it was also much more esthetically pleasing.

For about 6 months now, I have been taking advantage of new feature in tvOS that lets you default your sound output to a couple of HomePods set up as a stereo pair.

It wasn’t such a breeze to use at first because I experienced a bunch of issues with pairing the two speakers and keeping them paired together, but a fresh install eventually fixed everything, and I can’t say I have had any issue at all with this setup since then. This is to date a setup that I am completely satisfied with.

Downtime 384: The self-certified life coach

Sebastien and Cody announce the winner of last week’s giveaway, discuss their news intake strategies and cover this week’s top tech headlines. The pair also get into the future of Apple TV hardware and why switching to Android isn’t as enticing as it once was.