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Apple TV+ shows off the official trailer for dark comedy ‘The Shrink Next Door’ starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd

Apple TV+ already has its fair share of content that can be classified as a "dark comedy," but apparently the streaming service isn't quite done adding to that list. We've known for quite some time that The Shrink Next Door would be coming soon to Apple's original video streaming service before the end of this year. The company's even teased the limited series already. But now we have an official trailer.

Apple appeals ruling in Epic Games case that may delay App Store changes

Back in September, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers came to a decision regarding the lawsuit against Apple brought by Epic Games. The latter wants change when it comes to the former's digital storefront, the App Store, and, by all accounts, earned itself a pretty big win in that regard. However, the judge's ruling also included many wins for Apple, too -- but the company has decided to appeal anyway.

Is it time for iPadOS to add multiuser support?

The iPad is a great device. So is the iPad Air and the iPad mini and the iPad Pro. Which, when you look at it like that, shows us that Apple might have too many iPad models. Does Apple really need four different models, which even includes two variants with different screen sizes for the Pros? It does if it really, really wants to keep avoiding multiuser support!

Apple Watch Series 7 tech specs

Today, you can order a brand new Apple Watch Series 7 if you are so inclined. While some initial orders are set to arrive on October 15, it looks like a lot of orders have already been pushed back to late October or early November. Which gives you a bit more time to go over the technical specifications of Apple's newest smartwatch.