WizEats, CouchTimes, One Shot, and other apps to check out this weekend

We made it to another weekend everybody, hooray! That means it’s time for another Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great picks for you, including an Ai food bot, a TV show tracker, and a digital bartender. And as always, we’ve selected a great new game for you to check out.


Surprise! We have another Ai app. It’s called WizEats, and it’s described as an AI-powered foodie friend, that always offers up the best recommendations for your next meal. It’ll help you decide where to eat, where to get takeout, or what to cook, and it can even provide recipes for your favorite dishes. The App Store description calls this an ‘Early access version,’ so my apologies if any of the features are broken or limited. I just thought it was a really cool idea.

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There’s so much content available at our fingertips these days, that I’m convinced every one probably needs one of these tracking apps. Those who don’t have one either aren’t ready to admit they need one, or just haven’t found one they like yet. To that end, I present to you CouchTimes. It has a sharp interface, a focus on privacy, and zero ads. If you think you could use an app like this, this one seems worth your consideration.

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One Shot

If you guessed that One Shot is an app about cocktail recipes, you’re absolutely correct (also you might have a drinking problem). Don’t worry, there’s no Ai here, that I have seen yet, just a handy app for looking up the recipes to all of your favorite drinks, such as Daiquiris, Roy Rogers, Apple Martinis, and more. Each recipe gives you the necessary ingredients, and the instructions to make the drink, and you can even look up recipes based on ingredients you already have.

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Here is a fun game for folks who like word finds and other word puzzles. To be clear, this is not a Wordle clone, but rather a different game altogether. You are given a block of letters, and you must find as many words as you can before all the letters disappear. All of the gameplay is tapping and swiping, and there are 3 game modes — including a story mode, somehow, that has 200 levels. I know what I’m going to be playing this weekend!

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