Upnext, Pixel Music, Perplexity, and other apps to check out this weekend

Congrats on making it to the weekend everyone! It’s time for another episode of our Apps of the Week roundup, where we highlight new and interesting apps we recently discovered. This week we have a powerful read-it-later service, a music-maker for images, and a super-smart search engine. And as always, we’ve selected a fun game for you to check out.

Upnext: Read with Superpowers

Honestly, I am having deja vu, because I feel like I’ve covered this app before, but a cursory search of the iDB archives returned nothing. Anyway, this is Upnext, and it’s cross-platform app that allows you to save anything, to read later. That includes articles, podcasts, newsletters, tweets, threads, videos, and more. All items go into a single library, where they can be organized and filtered as you wish. The app does require a subscription, which I know is a deal-breaker for most, but this is one of those apps that I think can be so valuable to users, they’d happily pay for it.

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Pixel Music

I love innovative, music-making apps, so this one jumped right out at me. Pixel Music is a music sequencer based on images. Take an image you love, and start playing. Pixels turn into pitch, velocity, and note durations, and you can can feed in multiple images at the same time. You can choose what parts of the image will be played, at what time, and you can even record yourself playing alongside the sequencer. There’s support for MID, AUv3 with preset, Ableton Link, and much more. Talk about a fun way to spend the weekend!

Download for $6

Perplexity – Ask Anything

I can feel the collective eye rolls nows — “ugh, another AI app?” Yes, but understand this: AI is the biggest paradigm shift in computing in the last decade, so it’s unavoidable at this point. Anyway, Perplexity uses a combination of AI and internet search to give you instant answers and information on any topic, with up-to-date sources. The team behind it says it’s like have a superpower on your phone that allows you to search, discover, research and learn faster than ever before.  Honestly, they’re not totally wrong.

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Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever is indie platform video game developed by Team Meat (lol). There have been a few titles released under the Super Meat Boy banner, but I believe the original Meat Boy dates back to the early 2000s. Anyway, the new mobile game takes place a few years after the events of Super Meat Boy. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are having a picnic, when their arch nemesis Dr. Fetus sneaks up on them, attacks them, and kidnaps their baby Nugget. You are tasked with helping the couple get their Nugget back and teaching Dr. Fetus and his goons a lesson. Hey, if you know of a better way to spend the weekend, I’d love to hear it.

Download for $0.99

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