Apple Music Sing launching with multiple lyric views on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Apple Music Sing is a new feature that enhances the lyrics experience on the streaming service, which will soon be available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K.

The Apple Music Sing feature showcasing time-synced animated song lyrics on iPhone
| Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? Apple Music’s lyrics experience will soon become better with multiple lyric views and other new features coming to the platform.
  • Why care? Apple Music already has a pretty robust lyrics experience, and now Apple is looking to take it to the next level with the upcoming Sing feature.
  • What to do? Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to iDownloadBlog. We’ll be sure to ping you when this feature becomes available.

What is Apple Music Sing?

Nearly every song that’s available in the Apple Music catalog has embedded lyrics. In the Music app, you can see the lyrics animated in fullscreen mode, perfectly synchronized to the music. You can touch a verse to jump straight to that part, share a few lines of lyrics and more.

Apple Music Sing will boost your lyrics experience even further. The announcement published in the Apple Newsroom on December 6, 2022, says this feature will make it easier to sing along to tens of millions of songs on the streaming service.

Apple Music Sing offers multiple lyric views to help fans take the lead, perform duets, sing backup and more—all integrated within Apple Music’s unparalleled lyrics experience. Coupled with an ever-expanding catalog that features tens of millions of the world’s most singable songs, Apple Music Sing makes it fun and easy for anyone to participate, however and wherever they choose.

Apple Music Sing appears to take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to separate vocals from background vocals and instruments.

What features does Apple Music Sing support?

The Apple Music Sing feature showcasing lyrics views on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
Apple Music Sing boosts your lyrics experience | Image: Apple

Apple Music Sing combines several features, most new and some old, to create a better lyrics experience for subscribers. You can turn up the volume of the vocals, view lyrics for background vocals and even sing along with other people to your favorite tracks. Read: How to listen to Spotify offline on Apple Watch

  • Adjustable vocals: This feature permits you to make the vocals louder or quieter so you can sing with the original artist vocals or take the lead if you like.
  • Real-time lyrics: We know animated Apple Music lyrics from before, but real-time lyrics in Apple Music Sing actually dance to the rhythm of the vocals.
  • Background vocals: Apple Music separates vocal lines sung simultaneously from the main vocals, with background vocals independently animated.
  • Duet view: This feature enables two persons to sing duets, with vocalists showing on opposite sides of the screen. Or, multiple people can sing along to tracks originally sung by multiple singers.

Apple will publish 50+ playlists created to support the Sing feature. These playlists will include “all of the epic songs, duets, choruses, and anthems that have been compelling people all around the world to sing,” according to the announcement.

When will Apple Music Sing become available?

Apple Music Sing will launch sometime in December 2022. It’s probably going to require iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and tvOS 16.2, currently in testing and potentially releasing publicly in mid-December. Apple Music Sing isn’t a free feature. Instead, using it will require an Apple Music subscription.

Devices and countries that support Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing will be available in all of the countries where Apple Music is available. Compatible devices include the iPhone, iPad and the third-generation Apple TV 4K. Read: How to watch Apple Music TV on all your devices