Inkdex, Alloy Sports, Credos and other apps to check out this weekend

We’re back with another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great selections for you, including an all-in-one app for tattoos, a sports model-maker, and a new social network for sharing opinions. And as always, we’ve picked a fun game for you to check out.


Looking to get some ink? There’s an app for that. Inkdex lets you explore tattoo inspiration and connect with the best tattoo artists and studios around the world to match your style, budget and location. There are a ton of features here, for both artists and clients, and this really just seems like an app you have to check out if you’re in to ink.

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Alloy Sports

Now this app isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you’re into statistics, sports or gambling, I think you’ll find this interesting. Alloy Sports is a tool for both beginners and pros alike, enabling you to build winning fantasy and betting strategies with a few taps. It features a Quickstart Wizard, pre-built strategies, and the ability to save and share your work.

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Credos is an opinion-based social network that allows you to find out honest public perception on any issue. it’s essentially a polling app, with unlimited/unrestricted questions and some nice social features. Questions are answered yes or no, so there’s no long-form responses or arguing, and there are tons of categories to choose from.

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Never Have I Ever

We’re all familiar with this party game, yes? You say “never have I have I ever,” and then name something you haven’t done, in hopes to suss someone out in the group who has done it. “Never have I ever high-fived someone left-handed.” This iOS game features over 1,000 NHIEs, across 4 categories: Classic, Dirty, Hardcore, and Extreme.

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