New in iOS 16.2: Apple’s Stocks app gains watchlist sorting and display options

iOS 16.2’s Stocks app lets you sort your watchlists with new options such as ticker symbol, price or percentage change, market cap and others.

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  • What’s happening? iOS 16.2’s Stocks app introduces new options for sorting watchlists by price or percent change, ticker symbol, market cap and more.
  • Why care? The current Stocks app only supports manual sorting so iOS 16.2 will make keeping tabs on your favorite stocks easier than before.
  • What to do? Update your iPhone to iOS 16.2 when it becomes available

iOS 16.2’s Stocks app gains watchlist sorting options

These new sorting options were spotted by Chance Miller over at 9to5Mac.

Simply touch the three-dotted menu in the top-right corner of the Stocks app to choose the new sorting and display options. To sort a watchlist, select Sort Watchlist By from the menu and then choose your preferred sorting criteria:

  • Manual
  • Price Change
  • Percent Change
  • Market Cap
  • Symbol
  • Name

This option was nowhere to be found in iOS 16.1 and earlier, meaning you could only sort your watchlist manually. On top of that, you can now set what each of your watchlists will display by choosing between these three options:

  • Price Change
  • Percent Change
  • Market Cap

“This change gives you more granularity with the ability to sort each list by whichever data point you choose, as opposed to only being able to pick one option that applies to all of your different lists,” notes Miller

For example, you could set your FAANG watchlist to display price change and be sorted by market cap. According to the publication, the Stocks widget for the home screen in iOS 16.2 also supports the new sorting options set within the app.

To create a watchlist, choose My Symbols under the search field at the top of the Stocks app, then choose New Watchlist. Now name your watchlist, add some stocks to it and you’re good to go. Read: How to track stocks on Apple Watch

Are there other new features in iOS 16.2

Yup, iOS 16.2 is expected to bring other perks. Some of the new features found in the iOS 16.2 beta include Apple News integration in the Weather app, new Home app architecture, 5G in India and something called Custom Accessibility Mode, which Apple says provides a streamlined experience for iPhone and iPad.

The iOS 16.2 public beta can be installed via

A developer account is not required to test Apple’s prerelease software, you can sign up with your existing Apple ID even if you’re not a registered developer.

When will iOS 16.2 launch?

Apple is currently testing iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, tvOS 16.2, tvOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.0.1 with its developers. These software updates should spend a few more weeks in testing before they’re ready for prime time. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has learned that Apple is looking to release iOS 16.2 around mid-December.

It will mark the last feature update to iOS 16 this year.

iOS 16.3 is expected around latFebruaryyy or early March 2023. That one will bring additional new iPhone features such as support for upcoming new Mac hardware along with a new app called Freeform for collaboration and brainstorming.