TrollTools updated to version 2.0 with safer app icon theming and other improvements

We recently showed you a new TrollStore add-on called TrollTools by iOS developer SourceLocation that permitted users to customize app icons, notification badges, and passcode buttons. Today, the developer announced via an /r/jailbreak thread that TrollTools was being updated to version 2.0.

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So what’s new? According to the developer, the app icon theming feature is now much safer to use and does away with the vast majority of WebClip-based theming (the method used by the Shortcuts app) except for system apps. It also works on the Apple Watch.

The removal of WebClips for third-party apps means that theming is now up to 25% faster and more efficient. This also means that users won’t see any pop-ups related to the Shortcuts app when launching themed app icons. WebClips are still used for system apps.

TrollTools allows app theming and more with TrollStore.

TrollTools’ biggest competitor, Mugunghwa by developer Soongyu Kwon, also does most of the same things as TrollTools. Kwon has criticized TrollTools, going as far as to suggest that Mugunghwa is better and that TrollTools causes bootloops, but similar comments have been made by TrollTools developer SourceLocation about Mugunghwa, so it’s one word against the other from where we’re sitting, and users have safely used both products.

The continued updates of both products have ratcheted up as of late as each developer cites improved reliability, and this is precisely what a free market enables as two competing parties work to provide a better product for users. It’s healthy competition and only benefits the end user.

If you’re interested in giving TrollTools version 2.0 a try, then you can head over to the developer’s GitHub page to find out more about it. The developer has purposely not open-sourced the package at this time. TrollTools can be installed and perms-signed on iOS 15 devices with TrollStore.

Have you tried TrollTools or Mugunghwa yet? Be sure to let us know which one you prefer in the comments section down below.