You can now secure your Steam app with two-factor authentication

Aside from updated design, the new security features in Valve’s redesigned Steam app include a two-factor authentication system (2FA), QR code login and more.

  • What’s happening? Valve has rebuilt its mobile Steam app for iOS and Android with new security features to prevent losing access to your games library.
  • Why care? Before, you were at risk of account hijacking due to poor security.
  • What to do? Watch the video to see what’s new, then download the update.

Valve redesigns the mobile Steam app

The old Steam app wasn’t very well designed. Its confusing interface made it cumbersome to navigate the app’s sections. And it performed slowly, to put it mildly.

The rebuilt app, Valve promises, has none of those problems because Valve has used a new development framework to not only redesign the software and make it nimbler in everyday interactions but also implement much-needed security features.

Download the refreshed Steam Mobile app on iOS [App Store link] and Android.

Protect your Steam library with two-factor authentication

The app also wasn’t very secure to begin with. If someone got hold of your password, they could take over your Steam account and your entire games library.

2FA adds another layer of security to your Steam account. With it turned on, signing in will require entering your username, password and a one-time code generated by your favorite authenticator app, such as Authy or Google Authenticator. Read: How to generate two-factor authentication codes on iPhone

Introducing QR code signing

Valve is also giving users another way to sign into their Steam account: QR codes.

So instead of typing in your username and password, you can now simply scan a QR code with the Camera app on your iPhone.

Doing so will take you to a confirmation page with the geographical location, device information and other data relevant to the sign-in attempt. Once you approve the request there, you’ll be instantly signed into your Steam account.

Signing into apps and websites with QR codes isn’t a new thing. As a matter of fact, you’ve surely seen or tried this sign-in method with apps on your Apple TV.

But what if you can’t be bothered to even pull an iPhone out of your pocket? In that case, you can also type in your Steam Guard code to sign in to your account.

The key improvements in Steam Mobile 3.0

Steam logo set agains a solid light blue background

Valve detailed the key improvements of the Steam app in a blog post.

  • Two-factor authentication: Ensure you’re the only one with access to your account
  • QR code sign-in:  Scan a QR code to sign into Steam instead of entering a password
  • Sign-in confirmation:  Confirm your regular Steam sign-ins with a simple “approve” or “deny”
  • Authorized Devices: Manage access to the devices your account has signed in
  • Better navigation: Easy access to the Store, Community, News and other sections from wherever you are
  • Your Library: Faster access to your game content, discussions, guides, support and more
  • Remote download: You can now remotely download games and updates on your PC, right from your phone
  • Customizable Steam notifications: Wishlist, sales, comments, trades, discussions, friend requests and more
  • Trade and Market confirmations: These ensure items don’t leave your account without your approval.
  • Tidbits: Customizable tabs, an improved Store browsing experience for mobile screens and support for using multiple Steam accounts in the app.

The Steam app has also received a few quality-of-life improvements.

Authorized Devices page and other perks

To beef up security even further, Valve’s Authorized Devices page makes it a cinch to see the list of devices using your Stem account and remotely sign out of any device.

Another cool new feature is the ability to both install games to your PC, as well as uninstall any title remotely. Speaking of games, you can now see all titles in your Steam account from within the app’s new library view. And finally, using the built-in store should now be faster, with enhancements to purchasing and trading.