AirBell lets you track any bike with Find My

The new AirBell accessory conceals Apple’s AirTag personal item tracker within a small generic mechanical bell that you can mount on any bicycle.

AirBell mechanical bell for bicycles with Apple's AirTag tracker inside
AirBell holds Apple’s AIrTag tracker inside | Image: AirBell

AirBell: Track your bike easily with Find My

If Apple made an e-bike, you can bet it would feature Find My and look great. But now with the new AirBell accessory, you can track your not-so-fancy existing bike.

Priced at $18.99 on Amazon in the United States and €24.99 on Amazon Europe, the AirBell is a mechanical bicycle bell that happens to hide Apple’s $29 AirTag tracker (sold separately). Once installed on your bike, you can use Apple’s Find My app to track the location of your bike on the map.

This is especially handy when your bike gets stolen, which happens a lot with city bikes. Apple’s personal item tracker is small enough to fit inside a small bell, has a battery that lasts at least a year and is water and dust-resistant.

AirBell and handlebar thickness

The Verge’s Thomas Ricker wrote that the only potential issue with this lever accessory is handlebar thickness.

The AirBell is designed to work with 22mm handlebars found on the majority of bikes. There’s also a 31.8mm AirBell for newer road and gravel bikes. However, it’s only for sale in Europe right now, with supplies headed to the US as soon as next week. The plastic clamp on my 22mm review unit is too rigid to bend over the thicker handlebar on my mountain bike, but it fits fine on all our other bikes—all seven of them.

You can read the full AirBell review over at The Verge.

AirBell pricing and availability

There are, of course, e-bikes with built-in AirTag trackers, but these things are still not very affordable to begin with. But with the AirBell, you can gain the ability to find your lost or stolen bicycle in exchange for fifty bucks (AirBell + AirTag).

Those with a spare AirTag lying around somewhere only need to spend $25 to get an AirBell. Read: How to use your friend’s iPhone to find your lost Apple device