Video: Comical iOS 16 bugs for your iPhone

In this video, we cover comical iOS 16 bugs like double Dynamic Island, a delay in True Tone display initialization, no flashlight on the iPhone’s lock screen and others.

Video: Comical iOS 16 bugs on iPhone

As our videographer Michael Billig (@michael_billig) points out in the eight-minute video above, none of the individual bugs are worrisome. But when experienced multiple times a day, each and every day, they can really annoy to the point when you start wondering when the next bug-fix iOS release is coming out.

Now, I’m not as concerned about these early iOS 16 bugs as Michael.

That being said, I’m not indifferent to them either. For example, I can attest that my iPhone 14 Pro Max won’t display flashlight and camera icons on a dimmed lock screen. And when I touch the always-on display, those icons take about a second or two to appear. Read: How to fix iPhone screen not responding to touch

True Tone and lock screen delays

My eyesight is no longer as it used to be, meaning I rely on features such as True Tone and Night Shift to cut down the amount of sleep-depriving blue light. I’ve noticed that True Tone takes a long time to initialize after waking my phone from sleep (you can imagine why that would be a First World Problem for me).

I undersrtand some of you may not consider this problematic, but trust me when I say that it can be really jarring when the screen suddenly goes from its blueish appearance to a softer, yellowish look.

I want to experience the double Dynamic Island bug!

I’ve also experienced an unusual amount of interface bugs in the Camera app where buttons would appear in the wrong positions or not appear at all.

I wish I experienced the weirdest bug of them all where the Dynamic Island would simultaneously appear a the top of the screen, as usual, and vertically, on the righthand side, but I guess I’m not as lucky as some of the other users.